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Son is sz (paranoid). seams like his issue is selective


Hello. Son gets two shots a month of respiridone. His paranoid has gotten a lot better. He tells me that he is not paranoid anymore. At home he seams to be better. The question I have is why he tells me that his paranoia is ok now, yet he’s still paraniod about friends or strangers. He is ok with family, as a matter of fact he goes out with family and he tells me is not paraniod with them. He also considers his brothers girl friend in his circle of trust. Im a bit confused as of why his paranoia is so selective. He drives out all the time, he goes to buy what ever his mum needs, he goes to gym and he drives an hour to his brothers home. I just don’t understand this things. Please excuse my spelling but English a second language to me. :smile:


Give him time, things take a while to go back to normal. Seems like he’s improving, that’s a good thing.

A year and a half later I’m still paranoid about my old friends, some things just linger. It’s good that he feels safe within the family and that he’s med compliant and that the medication is working.

Good luck for everything, it’s good to know that he’s improving.


You don’t say how old he is. If he’s an adolescent, they’re nervous anyway. It could be growing up. It’s great that your son is med. compliant. That is key. If he has symptoms that won’t go away they might try different psychotropic drugs. It can take a while to get the best medications for a person with sz.


Thank You both. My son is 23 years and he is a Vet (VA has been wonderful to him)