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Son with schizophrenia trying to get through his senior year in high school


my 17 yr old son was unofficially diagnosed in june with schizophrenia .
he has severe paranoia and a voice telling him not to trust anyone. although he is taking 20 mg of abilify that does help ,he isnt able to attend school more than a 6 or 8 hours a week due to his psychosis becoming to active . i was wondering about how to help him get his school work or what can we do to help him graduate ?
thanks .


Switch him to homeschool where he can do online school or talk to your psychiatrist about putting him in Hospital-Homebound. For high schoolers you do class by the telephone (Teleclass) and you never have to go out the house; all you need is a computer, a printer, paper, and pencils. He gets to work with teachers and they also put the students in groups sometimes, that way he can participate and not feel as lonely as he would in school or anxious. A paraprofessional picks up your homework and brings your assignments to you and any other paperwork. Also tell his psychiatrist to change his medication if it isn’t working. You can call at any moment and schedule a new appointment at the clinic or if it’s an emergency, there’s always the hospital.


I hope he makes it through.

Technically, the school should be able to create an individualized education program for someone with debilitating symptoms of chronic illness. Not that schools always follow the laws meant to protect and encourage students with different needs. But the school should somehow accommodate:

Good luck to him and you.