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Son's schizophrenia turned out to be least of our worries


I can imagine how smart and precious your son was and is still to you as you mourn his passing. God bless your heart as you heal and. I believe we will see our loved ones again. For me though they are absent in the body they are still close by in our spirit.




So very sorry to hear of the loss of your son. I did not read his story but will let you know that your fight was a blessing to him, and to you to see him almost back again.


I didn’t get to read your original post, but I also feel your love, as a mother there is no love like the love we have for our children. I still cry daily for my dear, precious son who has paranoid schizophrenia.


I’m so very sorry. I missed your story, but can’t fathom your pain. I’m always amazed by how many SMI young people are very smart. It is so sad…and misunderstood. I need to be very honest with you…right before I read your post I had gone through a very tough day watching my daughter struggle on a medication that barely works and makes her gain weight. I told God I wished he could take us both home. I know this is wrong thinking, I pray for your healing.