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Spice K2 - synthetic pot - any experience with this?


Amazing what genius ideas we can come up with to try to intervene without added turmoil.
Good thinking @DianeR …woohoo


@Nebuddy - I can only hope this will at least curtail things. When chatted with ups online to set this up we found that I could not as my son had already set up a my choice account so he could tell them when to deliver his packages. So basically they said I could not set that up because there was already an account with this address attached to it. After about an hour the supervisor (knowing my story) said basically his account is fraudulent because he is not the homeowner. Boom - his account is being shut down.

After chatting with the ups rep for a while I realized she had my mother’s first name and initial for her last name. I had prayed to my mom the night prior for help. Just a little twist.


Wooow! That gave me chills. Prayers DO work. :innocent:

And…account CLOSED. Yahoo


I hope so too… that the delusions go away for your son too… I … along with my son’s psychiatrist argued and tried to reason with him to continue on his meds (Invega) because we feared he would just get worse and worse…being that it is now almost 2 years and he is fine… working full time… works another part time job in summer months… pays me rent… and is totally fine…I have to believe it was the synthetic marijuana… as does his therapist… He was still smoking marijuana after… and now not really… but I do think maybe its not the BAD stuff… I mean… no delusions… I don’t lock my bedroom door at night anymore like I used to… Prayers that your son and all of our sons get well!


. I CANNOT believe that for some of us… OUR kids have maybe done this to themselves!!I hope that all of you that are going through this as I did… have the same outcome that we have had and that your sons overcome their illness… which for us was not Schizophrenia but synthetic marijuana psychosis…prayers… peace and love…



Just out of curiosity, how long did your son take the invega? Meaning, how long until he quit altogether and was free of the aftereffects of the synthetic?

Reason I am asking, is our daughters psychosis began literally overnight…and yes, MANY drugs and COMBOS of drugs were taken. Its been 3 1/2 years now…she’s stayed med compliant only when court ordered, and then would stop when free from the forced meds. Then,real soon off…back to hospitalization.

Has happened so many times…we’ve pretty much given up on it going away and her ever being able to stop the meds.

I read. In an article that with each psychotic episode, a little piece of the original personality is lost, or can be. I believe this to be true as I’ve seen the changes.

I guess there’s still a tiny bit of hope, that’s the reason I ask about your son. It’s such wonderful news.:blush:


@ant930 I love your story! It does give hope, maybe not all of us will be so lucky but so happy that there is hope for some of us too.


@DianeR Sorry I don’t know how to get them off synthetic marijuana. I guess educating by telling him about the unknown chemicals that is put in it by these crooks who sell it and the permanent brain injuries. My son decided himself to not smoke it anymore but I think he was more susceptible for an adverse affect from it so damage is done already.


@jaxy I don’t think my son is smoking it anymore (I have not smelled it for a few weeks now). I told him to stop smoking that crap that it was pure chemical, that it will cause permanent brain damage and that I didn’t want to go to his funeral. I got him some regular pot with cbd oil so it’s more calming. (legal here to purchase) I know not best for sz but it’s better than spice. It’s a step in a better direction. I am going to be living with him and myself starting in a week or so and can monitor food and drink as well. Since he doesn’t leave the house much I can limit what is available.


@ant930 - I hope you are right and we get better. What type of work is your son able to do? I feel like they must not have realized the consequences of the synthetic marijuana and just thought it was like regular pot. It also goes undetected in drug tests - another reason they may have started smoking it.


I just sent u a response that didn’t go through so will try again. … anyway my son works for a rather large company called ABM… think they are all other the US… they have many positions including HVAC in area hospitals of which he has a 2 year degree in… but he is working for them doing valet parking at a local hospital… sees people so not isolated like when he did overnight security… he wanted to do security again but I put my foot down as I believe he was smoking pot and becoming delusional there all alone with his thoughts. He pays me rent… has quite a bit of savings and makes lot of tips… he got the job through his therapist.


We put him on the Invega Sustenna… it’s injectable so there was no going off it… UNTIL after 15 months when he refuse to take it…I was so mad as was his psychiatrist cause we expected he would spiral down… surprisingly he didn’t… at the time, he continued to smoke pot but no effects… I didn’t like that he was but really could’nt do anything except not allow it in my home… I rarely smell it (garage/shed) and he is not making the numerous trips outside to hide it


Clean for 3 years… THAT is FANTASTIC lindag!!


Yes and he is working I am so thankful


I thought I would mention that when my daughter’s schz started, she was working overnight cleaning an office building, pretty much alone. I wonder how much the odd schedule and isolation contributed to mental illness?


I always thought that my son’s odd schedule and isolation was because of the scz…


I also wonder about chemicals in cleaners. My so had his complete break after cleaning the insides of cars w some strong chemicals in an enclosed space.


@hope My daughter’s isolating job lasted 5 years, until it was noticed she was “off”, so I’m assuming she kept it (the voices) hidden for a while (now she is not really able to hide it for longer than an hour or two around others). But she was always sort of a loner. It’s been full blown schz for 2.5 years now in my home.

@presence Sigh, yes, perhaps it was the chemicals. I never really thought about that. She was always so anti-drugs and anti-medicine (and still is despite the illness which is why she won’t see any type of doctors or stay on medicine outside of the hospital) but perhaps it was the cleaning chemicals for 5 years that was the trigger.


@oldladyblue My son was into friends his entire life until he began isolating himself at university. That was the first change we noticed from where we were at home. He called and told me his friends were unhappy with him because he didn’t want to do anything with them anymore.

Shortly after the isolation started he began self medicating with cigarettes and pot. Whatever else he tried, I do not know, I have the impression, from what he said once, that he tried about about anything except meth. Pot is his self med of choice. While it may have given him some relief at some point, it now wreaks havoc with his paranoia.

We did not become aware that he was hearing voices until 7 years later in 2009. While we have wondered if the kidney transplant surgery and all the immunosuppressives caused some sort of break out psychosis - the first time we became aware he was hearing voices was the night after he received his new kidney. We cannot deny that paranoia and other behaviors were there long before the voices started.


Yes, looking backwards, I saw the paranoia long ago. I remember sitting in a restaurant with her and she kept telling me that the hostess was talking about her with the waiter. It was impossible that she would have heard any type of conversation from across the room, but she was insistent that I believe her.

Several examples of others talking about her occurred. Once at a bus stop she walked up to a group on a bench and told them that they shouldn’t be talking about her. I was so embarrassed, but evidently it was another paranoid delusion.

I look back now regretfully wishing I’d had her more closely examined as a child, but she was always so healthy…