Spice K2 - synthetic pot - any experience with this?


The meds I believed helped him… so did the fact that he was hospitalized (he did NOT want to ever go back) so he complied…While he was in the psych hospital… he had NO idea why he was there… thought it was for something physical… He denied that anything was wrong and that all of his delusions were real… I had drug tests from work and threatened to test him but he just kinda stopped smoking… I think the powerful psych meds made him too tired to smoke… I engaged him in anything and everything I could to keep him busy otherwise he probably would have stayed mostly in his room


I believe they start these fake drugs and chemicals because they don’t show up in drug tests but they are not safe to use. The symptoms mimic schizophrenia and it is bad for brains.


So true… that’s what happened to my son…


My son was smoking this crap too shortly before his first hospitalization. It is my belief that the drugs he has done is a contributing factor to his schizophrenia. I wonder if he had never done drugs, it he would have even had this illness. It seems he is willing to do anything but medication. He is now hospitalized. This last psychosis began after taking a hallucinogenic called DPT. Since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 4 years ago, he has had symptoms, hearing voices, delusions, paranoia, etc. all of the time. None of the medications have gotten rid of the voices. But every time he does some kind of hallucinogenic he ends up in a full blown psychosis. I understand his life sucks with this illness and believe he does drugs to feel good or even something, but he fails to see the repercussions from doing them. This last psychosis has been the worst and the longest. I hope he’s not gone forever.


Mine too.

Jeb actually grew mushrooms that he bought at a head shop. He ate the mushrooms because someone had told him that eating hallucinogenic mushrooms made them happy. Jeb said he wanted to be happy. Jeb said he cried for hours after he ate them.


Sounds familiar here too!


Sounds just like my son. My son grew San Pedro cacti to make a hallucinogenic tea. Little did I know what they can do.


Yes, sounds familiar. Peeled them, cut them up, Cooked it, strained it and drank it. When he wants to he can do something and see it through. Sadly these are the only things he is interested in doing.


At the time that was my husband’s response - kind of impressed that Jeb worked a project through. Every now and then he does some thing he sets out to do, but Jebtime these days is a long time. He will want to do something and have to wait 3 weeks or longer for a good moment to do one simple thing.


@hope - Do you think Jeb is smoking that fake pot? You’d know - it smells god awful. I know you said he chooses pot if he can get it.


Hi Diane R, Not while he was here, he didn’t. I would have smelled it.


When mine was doing heroin very weird smell. Also happens when he vapes


@lindag - Do you know what he is smoking when he vapes - they can put this cheap synthetic pot in vapes. The side effects are similar to sz. The smell of Spice is awful.

psychotic episodes
paranoia, increased anxiety and hallucinations – typically much more severe than after smoking marijuana.


Yes just the vape stuff. We went through the drug phase he was doing heroin and meth. Been clean now for 3 years. Of course not doing the drugs helps immensely


I hope that my son has his schizophrenia symptoms from using synthetic marijuana and the paranoia and delusions go away for him too. I worry that the antipsychotics are just as toxic for him as synthetic marijuana ect


My son sure believes that but I have been on that argument before we just don’t have a choice as I see it.


@jaxy - I was thinking that the antipsychotics were pretty toxic as well. Has your son stopped smoking the synthetic MJ - Is there anything you have been able to do to get him to do that? I’ve read it is extremely addicting and we suspect that after 6 days of not smoking it, my son may have smoked some yesterday. Do you know where your son gets it? I think my son got it off the internet as he rarely leaves the house. I am going to have all mail go to a PO box and all UPS packages held for pick up. Any advice on getting him to stop would be appreciated. I got my son some regular pot (we’re in CO) and told him to smoke that instead. I know they say it’s bad for sz but it’s got to better than synthetic pot.


Ask about high CBD and low THC if you do buy it. Charlotte web or ACDC are said to calm without the psychoactive affect. I have studied this but don’t know first hand so let me know.


I’m in Colorado too. I can’t be certain, but I think my son’s experience with synthetic marijuana is what ‘triggered’ his first psychotic episode. He doesn’t smoke it al all anymore but he does smoke Indica pot which helps him sleep all the way through the night without the heavy THC. I go back and forth too. Living in CO makes it tricky.


@Mom2 - I do ask but they have said some have none and some have very little. I think I’m just going to order from Chalotte’s web as I know they have none.