SSI Question - Applying/Denial


Can anyone tell me what the representative payee appointment letter looks like?

I’ve got his small backpay check in hand made out to me, FBO him.

He received a big packet explaining his benefits and saying he was required to have a representative payee.

I got the same packet, just worded differently, with my name on it FBO him, plus a paragraph on the 2nd page saying I was on the rep payee. It also included all the little pamphlet/handbooks.

But, when I called my bank, they said I needed an official letter and I’d know it when I saw it. The check, the packets and our new copies of our social security cards came back to back in the mail the middle of last week, but no sight of anything else.

I’ll have another check in hand in a few days & I’d like to go ahead & set up the account, then find time to go back to set up the direct deposit - and I’m busy with work & other appointments (My son went to the dentist today for the first time in about 3 years, and he didn’t have the work he needed then completed - so, root canal, 2 extractions, so many cavities I lost count, and I think 3 crowns.)

I’m just wondering if I’m waiting around for nothing and that packet is what I’m supposed to use.


My bank didn’t require anything except what you are describing. I was able to set up direct deposit online - that was really easy.


Thank you Hope - it looks like that’s all I’m getting.

I’ve been a customer there for 30 years or maybe a little longer - hopefully, they won’t think I’m trying to steal such a little amount each month.

Happy to see you online - I’ll go look to see if you updated your post with how you guys are doing.
I’ve been thinking about you & your family a lot as I see updates on the news.


I had the same question…Thought I had the document I needed to set up the account, but was told by the bank that I needed the finalized “official document”. It will come soon.


Mine may have been different because it was the credit union with its office in the building where my husband works.


Did it take a lot longer than the rest of the stuff?

I have the packet, I have his backpay check, according to them, I’ll have another check tomorrow - just no letter.

@Hope - I use a credit union too, but no family members who work there.


Spouse doesn’t work there, his work location is relatively remote and is large enough to have a branch of the credit union on the worksite. Sorry they are making it difficult for you - its a little silly with your name being right on the check.


I called social security, waited an hour and a half for them to call me back.

The lady told me this packet is all I would get, so I’m going to take it to the bank & give it a try.
Maybe if they say no, I’ll be a pain & make them call too.

I’m sure they’ll love that on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.


That’s right, do the old refuse to leave thing while they sit on hold. Before a holiday weekend, even better.

Hey, have you checked your son’s social security on line account? Maybe your credit union wants a copy of the determination of benefits - you could at least see if what they have online looks different than the packet.

One of my strategy plans is where I bring copies of many things and start showing them everything one at a time and explaining it.


I’ll do that if just walking in with what I have doesn’t work.

It’s not an emergency. I just start to think I must have thrown the letter away, and it would be nice to tick it off the list.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I hadn’t even thought about checking his online account.

I think this big packet I have includes his determination of benefits.

I’ll just take everything I have & drown them in paperwork.


Nearly always the best of strategies.


I hate doing that though - I like to cut to the chase, and show people just what they need to see to make a quick decision and get things moving along.

I think that’s why I’m struggling so much with all this government paperwork.

I have an 18-page renewal form for Medicaid sitting there too - I think there’s about 10 pages I’m not even supposed to fill out.

Page 1 is confusing me though. You look at it one way & it seems that I’m supposed to fill out he does his taxes. That’s easy enough since he doesn’t file any.

Then, I read it another way, and it sounds like anyone in the household.


Any government paperwork makes me nervous. I am afraid I will misunderstand the question and accidentally answer questions incorrectly. Its odd, I get seriously nervous and have to force myself to open the envelopes when something arrives.


For me, to get the exact paperwork needed to set up my rep payee direct deposit account, it didn’t take long after I received the giant packet with all the pamphlets. I think it was about a couple of weeks. I made the mistake (wasted my time) taking the giant packe to the bank, ready to set things up, but they turned me away, saying they needed the “official document” that stated I was the Payee.


The SSA office told me today I wasn’t going to get an Official Document.
I’ll let you guys know what my bank says tomorrow - I’m going to give it a try, otherwise I’m going to have both his monthly and backpay check just sitting around waiting for me to lose them.

Worst they can do is waste my time & say no.

I am going to try to get them to call though - and I’ll call again either way.

It’ll probably end up being like everything else to do with the IRS, DMV or any other government office. You ask 10 people, you get 10 different answers.

And, with my luck, I’ll spend an hour or two at the bank, then it’ll be in the mailbox tomorrow evening.


I’ll have to try it next week, and maybe the letter will be here by then.

The drive-thru tellers were backed up, the parking lot was full, but I went in anyway thinking maybe everyone was just cashing checks. All the people at the desks were busy and the waiting area was standing room only.

I didn’t even check in - just walked back out the door.


Once I had the formal doc, I was told I needed to make an appointment (Bank of America) because bank lawyers needed to be contacted, etc. It’s kind of a big deal to “take charge” of someone else’s government money. But, it’s so important in these kinds of situations.


Well, hopefully that won’t happen at the credit union.

And, if it does, I also bank with Wells Fargo. They recently opened an estate account for me & had no problem working with the paperwork from the county naming me as executor - and it involved more money for more people. Maybe they’ll be easier.

I did call the credit union to make sure they opened fiduciary accounts & they said they did, but would probably want the “official letter” that the SSA office told me I would not get. They didn’t mention any special appointments.


In reference to the trailer park idea. Maybe they need our loved ones to keep an eye on them and keep it real. LOL



I still think its a pretty good idea.