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Letter from SSA

We received a letter from SSA yesterday that asked for more information on daughter’s sz so that possibly a decision could be made to approve disability without a hearing. She was denied and appeal was denied so we requested a hearing about 2 months ago. Administrative law hearings are running about 14 months out here. Has anyone else ever gotten a letter from SSA like this? We have contacted her attorney and are waiting for a return call.

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I forwarded all letters and calls I got from SSA directly to my son’s atty and he handled everything. When your attorney calls back he should be able to shed better light on the letter. I hope you win your case for your daughter sooner rather than letter, you have fought long and hard for this.


Hi. We got a denial of SSI initially because my son (age 23 at the time) had not worked long enough. That is to be expected. Then you ask for them to review and note that he is disabled (show doctor proof of sz and they interviewed him with their doc) and then you should get SDI.

My son was disabled before age 23 and when his dad hit 65 and retired, we were able to get him more money under SSDI based on husband’s salary as a disabled child. Had to work with SS office to reapply for this. Different rules for SSDI and SSI.

We did not use a lawyer. It takes a while to get an answer though. Stay firm and keep stating it is not about how much he worked - but he can’t work now due to disability. This also helps if you need Medicaid. After a 2+ year waiting period on SSDI we also got Medicare. Good luck to you!

Bastards, my attorneys have been working this crap for my daughter for over a year, never did it for the wife, did not need the money, but daughter is a must. In the denial letter they admitted she was disabled but said she could work doing something, the attorney almost laughed over this, they are going to get burned for the denial letter.

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When I signed my husband up for SSDI about 15 years ago, we went together for an intake interview at an SS office in a nearby town.

The clerk was going over his paperwork, and everything was going along quietly, when he questioned my husband’s sz diagnosis.

My poor husband started talking about how he was under attack by the secret government, being zapped by strangers on the street, poisened,etc. You should have seen the look of shock on the clerk’s face! He excused himself and left the room.

When he came back, he said my husband’s claim was approved. I think they even gave him a check right then for uncompensated back benefits, too. A big check, like $8,000.

True story😊