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Symptoms since 2001 but still undiagnosed

Hi there, my name is Billy and my wife had schizophrenia symptoms since Oct 2001 mostly hearing voices. She always denies that she has schizophrenia and always says that everybody around her is also hearing the same thing. She is still doing daily chores and still going to work as a supply teacher. I don’t know how she can manage to work but she did. I understand that some people can live with voices in their head for life. Sometimes my 30 yr old son would argue with her aggravating her mental condition and would go out by driving the car even at 2am in the morning after the argument. This seems to calm her down upon her return home. When asked where she went, she would say to the library’s parking lot. At the beginning I told her doctor that she is hearing voices but said that she must tell him herself about that. Is there anybody who can relate? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Hi Billy,

Yes - your experience is very common and probably like a lot of people’s here. About 50% of people who have psychosis don’t have the ability to understand that they have it. The sooner that your wife gets help, the better the long term prognosis.

I recommend you read some of the older posts in this forum and you’ll see its a common issue - here is one:

I also recommend you read and watch this info below:

Try to get him to go with you to see a psychiatrist or psychologist - find something that he can agree with you to see him about - it might be sleep issues, or stress, or anxiety or depression or not feeling good… just get him in there, prewarn the psychiatrist and share a much as you can with the psychiatrist before hand.

Here are some resources - do you have other family members that can help you. Educate everyone, and keep a journal about your brother’s behaviors and beliefs so that you can share it with the mental health professionals.

Study this document:

FIRST Aid for Psychosis

How to get help:

Here is a good place to get your father to, if you can:

I recommend you watch these videos:

I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! - Dr. Xavier Amador - Pt. 1


I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! - Dr. Xavier Amador - Pt. 2