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Really needing advice from people that have experienced this

We believe my husband has schizophrenia but will not see the doctor to get help… Can people with schizophrenia live a normal life? What do I need to prepare myself and our 1year old for? What can I do to help him get to the doctor to get the help he needs?

Hello Katkennedy. I’m sorry you and your family are experiencing what you think may be schizophrenia developing in your husband. You all must be so frightened and worried.

If you feel comfortable doing so, could you share a bit more about what is happening? There are so many people on this forum that have a boat load of experience and knowledge.

Read and learn. It’s your best defense. If your husband does have this brain disease, it’s a long and challenging road, especially at the beginning.

Often, the hardest part is getting our loved ones into treatment, due to damage to the brain that causes something called “anosognosia”. It basically means that a person does not know they’re ill or they lack “insight”. It’s very common, but it’s a huge obstacle for many.

For many of us, rescuing our ill loved ones ends up happening through forced hospitalization and forced medication. Depending on where you live will determine how easy or difficult it is to get that job done.

Research suggests that getting a psychotic person on meds as early as possible improves the outcome, so if you can get the job done, do it. Be ruthless.

You’re not alone.

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Hi Katkennedy,
I am so sorry this is happening to you and your baby. Your husband really needs to be evaluated. There are a lot of things that can cause psychosis and the docs sometimes go through several diagnoses before arriving at sz. Is there anybody in his family who can help get him to a doctor for a checkup? Or a friend? Do whatever it takes. As day-by-day said, early diagnosis and treatment is so important. Hang in there.:heart:

Everyday is worse for the past 2 weeks… He is having religious delusions and saying the devil is trying to get him. That God is sending the devil to test him to see if he can protect his family. He thinks his actions and choices affect the weather, the rain and all the fires specifically… I found out a few days ago that his Biological dad and Grandfather both had schizophrenia…

It was like a light switch one day he was his normal self and then he just wasn’t… We are very scared and just want the loving man I know he is back.

I am at a complete loss of where to start and what to do… I don’t want him to hate me forever if I have to call some one to just get him…

Most likely, he will not hate you forever. My daughter was forced into the hospital, and although initially she was upset, later she decided she liked the “change of environment” that the hospital gave her, and was not mad at all. As @Day-by-Day said, “It is a long and challenging road, especially in the beginning”. Educate yourself, read on this forum and books in the library. “I am not Sick, I don’t Need Help” is a great book. It made differences in my home. Go to NAMI meetings if you can. Schizophrenia is a double curse when accompanied by anosognosia (making our loved ones unable to see they are ill). Try to help your husband, but ensure that you take care of yourself and your baby.

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I had to have them police take my son by force. He thought he was in hospital because of a warrant. Their thoughts can be so disorganized they don’t always no the whys of things or who called for help. If you do call the police to get a mental health check they will only take him to the hospital if he is a danger to himself or others (harm, not bathing, not eating). Make sure they know that he is having a mental health issue. It would be best if he would go involuntarily to the hospital or see a doctor. I’m sorry you are going through this, I know it’s rough. Is there anyone else who you think could talk him into going to see a doctor?

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btw - he doesn’t hate me : )

@Katkennedy Speaking from experience you cannot be troubled by the idea that your husband might “hate” you for doing something to get him help. Truth is until my sz son became stable he hated me with a passion. Now that he is stable he loves me like he did before he was ill and he is glad I was in his corner when he needed me. The top priority with a baby in your household is being safe from any dangers that your husbands’ delusions could cause him to precipitate. It is a fact that while your husband is ill he is not able to control what is in his mind, not even a little bit. The news is full of heartbreaking stories of the untreated ill who have accidentally hurt their family members without consciously knowing that they were doing it. Take heed and put your safety and the safety of your baby first. Then at a safe distance do all you can to get him help until you have exhausted every possibility. Contact NAMI (if there is one in your area) they are a wealth of resources and free family/caregiver classes My heart goes out to you and your family during this very stressful time.

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