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The Look of Mental Illness

Just went looking at some small condos, possibly for my son. Afterward, I spoke with the realtor on the phone. He mentioned financing options, and I mentioned I would most likely not finance and just purchase outright for my son. He asked if my son worked, I told him no. I told him he was disabled, and was on SSI. His response, “I really liked that kid. Sweetest kid ever”. I sensed he knew something was “off” about my son. It’s the way my realtor said it, he went alittle overboard. A bit of an overkill.

I would prefer understanding, not sympathy. And yes, there is a difference.

Aside from being non-verbal and his blank stare, I’m sure some people can still tell in other ways and definitely sense an “unnaturalness” about my son.

So, even at his best, stable for 2 years and making some progress, normal people can still sense he’s not normal and can tell the difference. It was the way my realtor said it, that I knew he knew.

My son’s best may still not look normal, but to me, it’s perfect, and I’m very grateful.


Beautiful said​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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It maybe but don’t be too hard on your realtor, likely she/he did not mean bad or knew what to say. I have found that only people that have relatives with SMI can really relate.