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The three "c"s?


Now I’m on the prowl for diamonds. (this is just daydreaming. I can’t afford a diamond unless I’d pay for one with student loans.) :wink:

Actually, Neanderthals didn’t die out. They assimilated with the next group of people who came out of Africa. Lots of us, especially from Western Europe, carry Neanderthal genes. Does that make you feel any better?:wink:

I have found it more useful to shelve the whole idea of blame altogether. My son has had psychosis, and he is very hard on other people and on himself. It increases his stress levels enormously, which seems to be his biggest risk factor. I am trying to teach him to just “put things behind him”, no matter who did the deed which is bothering him. Just deal with what is happening now. Then it becomes much easier to cope. You have exactly enough endurance for NOW, so don’t waste any of it fretting about the past, or worrying about the future.

My belief is that the person can not fix the mistake or problem without owning it first. First the thought then the action. Pointing fingers at each other like a bunch of little kids, just ain’t cuttin it. Why is it that a lot of people need to wait on someone to save us all anyway. What the hell is so wrong that we can’t fix it ourselves. For one thing it’s the belief that we need a saviour so our butts are helpless in doing anything about the evil in the world. What we need is some light here in the darkness. That darkness that everyone has been blackmailed by to keep their mouths shut about or will themselves be exposed for their own dirt. So you all cowards just stay in the frikkin closet with those skeletons of yours who are holding you hostage until someone comes to save you from your own stupid beliefs. Evil is real. And we are the ones who let it out of the box(so to speak).But now, it has put us in a box. And all we seem to be able to do is helplessly watch it as it destroys our planet.

Yes, I agree about “fixing” ourselves. In fact, it is surprisingly easy once you stop worrying about the past and letting it define you. What I don’t agree with is that past mistakes or bad deeds can be “fixed”. Very often they can’t. And whether it was something bad done to you, or something bad you did, you have to let it go. Sure, “own” it, see that you did it, but since you can’t change the past, let it go.

That’s spot on. You have to let go of the expectations you have set for your experience. It takes time to slowly wind down. Expect drastic change and you’ll only wind up being disappointed.

Also, quit worrying about what other people think and quit calling yourself names inside.

Yes, mistakes made in the past can cause us to have problems all our lives ( like when it is as something said to “come back and bite us”)