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The three "c"s?

Someone quoted a sort of saying, it went something like, “I didn’t cause this” "I can’t fix it and something else, nut I don’t remember. Anyone know what I’m talking about???

I can’t control it?

That’s what some internet searching led me to.

In other words, back down from thinking we’re God and the entire cause, cure and motivation.

is that supposed to lessen the bad feeling one has when feeling responsible for doing something bad?

well for me everything goes wrong and i dont attribute it to my causation but it still doesnt make me feel any better.

Psychotic breaks are like train wrecks. They make such a mess of the mind so quickly. Then there is the psychosis which is like more trains slowly adding to the pile up. Even once the clean up crews get there it takes a shit load of time to get on top of it.

For me there aren’t any more trains coming down the line. There is just managing my emotional stability and finding lasting comfort as I continue to clear the wreckage. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE.

Had a short burst of psychotic thoughts about 5 minutes ago. They passed and now its easy to focus again. When the fear sets in that the psychotic thinking is going to emerge… its hard to forget about until you just let it surface, see it for what it is, then let it pass like it didn’t happen.

Perhaps a core problem in Schizophrenia is thinking that you can figure out things about the world purely in your mind without having any access to it. Even thing that is thought should be considered purely hypothetical unless real world evidence is supplied. Goes for about everything aside from the creative process, but if you know your trade, you probably havea good idea of the limitations of your craft.

I’m babbling about all kinds of shit on here. Sorry yos its helping me reclaim my mind.

Your baggage is the same as everyone it’s just something you store away and need to reclaim for your next journey. Make sure you get your own. And don’t lose sight of your destination.

I didn’t Cause it, I can’t Control it and I can’t Cure it however I can learn to Cope. Recently a 4th C was added so now it’s the 4 C’s :smile:

I myself, just can not believe such self defeating things as this saying represents.

My belief is like that of the 14th Dali Lammas wherein he states that:

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy”.

My three "c"s are…

  • Cars

  • Chicks

  • Cash


looks like this dali lamma agrees with christianity and whole idea of being a sinner.

I’ve got two C’s - coffee and chocolate!!! :smile:

It’s more in line with the Hindu belief that their God “Brahman” is the “cause of all causes” and the goal of the follower is to attain the personality of their Lord Krishna, so in doing so, one would also be responsible indirectly for everything.

…I also forgot cheese, caramel sundaes and corn on the cob! yum

The ol’ Lamma didn’t have a kid with schizophrenia!

Oh yes, cheese! I forgot - that’s my third C! :smile:

#1 “Casper?”
#2 “Casper!?”
#3 “CASPER???”?"?"???"#?%¤&&/!!!"

I’m going to hold onto that one if I can. Good quote.

It’s a good quote to believe to bring peace of mind but I find that I will suffer just as much if not more believing that I caused all suffering in this world , even what Hitler did to the Jews etc… But I was not alone in causing all of this mess because there is a greater One who can help resolve this messed up existence through us who would be responsible and share the blame, and in so doing, can become as He is. This is also correlated in the Christian faith as well. But I won’t get into all that. The point is that you will find truth in all religions.

I wouldn’t blame yourself for that.

Human history is filled with atrocity. That stuff is in the past. Even the minds who experienced it first hand are tapering out.

Neanderthals the original genocide. No one gives a shit about them.

Yeah the world is a mess, you don’t have to feel accountable for it. It wasn’t your choice to be here. I do think that as the world moves forward politically a lot of the troubled areas of the world are going to progress out of the states they are in.

OK SoitGoes

and sorry for steering the thread away a bit off topic Stressedout person.