The Voices in My Brother's Head by Maria Lazzati

Could be triggering.

A website that I came across this morning. Forewarned it does not have a happy ending.

Oh Man… :frowning: :cry: Poor Fred.

All the dots bring back a lot of memories for me. For me, my pages of dots were a fight. I was not expecting to see those. I’m catching my breath.

If I just concentrate on the dots. I’m defying my voices. I’m not listening to them. I am using great amounts of strength staying in my chair and drawing my dots in a straight and ordered line and trying to find some order in my mind. I don’t know what his dots were telling him. But my dots were defiance.

NO! I am not going to kill anything or cut off my fingers… I’m drawing my dots. No one understood how important it was for me to draw them. If I was drawing my dots, everyone was safe.

Thank you for posting this, it’s very intense.

Thank you for that insight.

I’ll try to remember to warn that it could be triggering. Sorry about that.

No worries, it’s just Wow. That was a wild ride just now.

I haven’t been brave enough to open those old hospital journals in a long long time.
I was thinking of burning them. But maybe I should go through and label why I was doing what i was doing… (if I remember) I feel a long letter to my family coming on. :wink:

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