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They are saying my daughter's voices are from PTSD

My daughter is in the hospital again due to these voices telling her to kill herself and she wants to… she is only 6 they say it’s all from the pats I don’t know what to due she was just released from one hospital on the 11th

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If they think it is PTSD, then they should have a theory about what caused it. I’d also think they’d be concerned that she is being severely abused. Did they elaborate at all on why they think it is PTSD?

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She was sexually abused when she was 3

Then yeah, if she was abused in that way at such a young age, then it could definitely cause a lot of issues from trauma, and those things should be addressed first.

Thank you I have done everything to address the issue reported it and everything and the justice system is failing us… she is in trauma based therapy and also have a worker that comes to the home once a week and a psychiatrist

What does the therapist think about the voices? Do you ever talk about the issue with the therapist(s)?

If she winds up having both, trauma and mental illness, then I feel for her, and you as her parent/caregiver. In my experience there can be a lot of overlap in symptoms, and distinguishing them is very hard. A PTSD flashback can make you feel like you are completely tripping balls, I still get olfactory hallucinations from time to time. I mean it’s either flashbacks or a brain tumor.

But anyway, I think it is very good to start with the trauma first, because of her age, so to me it sounds like you are doing everything right and a great job. Time will tell if she needs more than therapy.

Thank you I am trying my best and I discus everything with all her providers anytime anything new comes up