This book helped my Family

There are 2 editions to this book.

I have read both. Being such a difficult disease to explain, this book creates the most authentic ways to communicate an understanding of SZ for family and friends. I regard these books as a must for those w/loved ones and family members suffering from the illness who need information and clarity on the subject.

I liked what he said about “How Do Religious Issues Affect People with Schizophrenia?” In fact the whole book is thorough and well written, touching on all the issues.

(Some people see him as too pro-medicine.)

I think it creates a great bridge between diagnosed and undiagnosed. I haven’t read anything on the subject that came anywhere close to this in relating between the two. There are critics on the Doc, and I understand where some of those come from. His communication is rare though.

That is a pretty good book. It was a great starting place for some of my family.

It’s on my sister’s book shelf. There are some very good ideas in there.