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Tips for Medical Exam for SSI

This my question to anyone who has had their loved one evaluated by SSI. My daughter has 3 doctors agreeing she has schizophrenia, is seeing a therapist and is on injections for her meds. Are there any tips to the physical exam portion to help move the process along? Symptoms that need to be emphasized?


I don’t think you will have any problems with 3 doctors backing you. There is not too much you can do really just be honest if they ask for your input. It has been many years since I went through that with my son. I do know that the SSA decision makers thrive on hearing the words “chronic, persistent, and debilitating” I got that straight from a Social Security employee. My son’s case went through quickly also because I had a SS disability atty handle it and he was fast…it took 120 days total from start to my son’s first check. It didn’t hurt the case that my son was still severely ill with no meds really helping him at that time…so when he was questioned he made absolutely no sense at all. Thankfully he is much better today. Good luck to you.

I agree, it’s not usually the doctors that make the difference. Make sure you keep a copy of the paper work. It is almost always denied the first time. It’s almost like they figure if you don’t put in the effort to reapply then you really don’t have a problem. So you want to have a copy so that you know what you put the first time. Be sure to mention all and every medical problem, even if it has nothing to do with schizophrenia, i.e. asthma, flat feet, whatever. Make sure to note worsening symptoms and any side effects caused by the medication. Put down any behaviors that make it impossible to work around other people such as the social anxiety the disease causes.
Good luck and don’t give up.

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I don’t think you will have any problems as well.
My son’s took less than 3 months from the time i contacted them to the decision. My son was on meds but still somewhat in denial and his diagnosis was still psychosis NOS.
The fact that my son had received survivor/dependent SS, due to his father’s suicide 10 yrs prior, may have been a factor in the exceptional speed of approval.
I am not sure what happened during the exam/interview as I wasn’t even asked ONE question before they took him back for the interview.
Afterwards I asked him what was said he replied, “I told them how you are bribing me constantly…and won’t let me drive the car or have a cigarette unless I take my meds…I let them know how unfair you are”. lol
He got an approval w/ in a few weeks after that.
I hope the outcome goes well for your daughter.

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I previously googled this question and found an article that helps to get organized for the appointment.
I am planning to highlight her symptoms in a letter and hand it in during the meeting because I have no control of how independent my daughter might ACT during the appointment

If the link would not open, just google the words from the link and/ or look up

Ц[quote=“msgiegerich, post:3, topic:3423”]
It’s almost like they figure if you don’t put in the effort to reapply then you really don’t have a problem

Or if you are way too sick to concentrate and to reapply …

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