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Today, My Son Asked If He Had SZ


So true! Yes you did tel me you had friends in the uk, They Live further south than us.

I’m actually from Scotland but husband from north east England, I moved there when we got married.
We live right on the north east coast, literally 5 min walk from the beach and North Sea.
We don’t get as much rain as other parts , say the west coast as we have the penine hills for a bit of shelter.
We have a very mild climate now . Where I am summer rarely gets to 70 degrees. Winter again rarely below say 35/40 degrees.
My son is in Scotland now, he Ioves that place and it’s where he ran off to at his worse a couple of yesrs ago and travelled on trains .
Sorry went way off topic , sometimes it’s ok to though right?


Most of the time my son is very happy…he’s so lost in his delusions he’s happy about them…what i worry about the most is if the time comes that he really realizes its all just and illness and none of it is true how he will handle it…I know lots of suicides occur over this and I live petrified over this-i dont want him to lose all hope and give up…and yes I think its ok to get a little off track at times…we all need a break for sure…


I wouldn’t say that my son is unhappy right now either. I do see him isolating a lot more. He doesn’t ask to go anywhere. I am the one who has to suggest it.


That uptick in suicides much later in lives “they” say might be attributed to awareness. If you were in your late forties or early 50’s it would feel as though a good deal of life had been missed. Hopefully a younger person could come to realize they still had many possibilities in front of them.

I hope my son is happy with his world of delusions during the quiet times, I don’t know. I do know my life is better when he isn’t standing outside our house yelling angrily at us.


Have you considered getting your son a ZYTO body scan? It will reveal any and all toxins in his body that might be making him behave the way he is behaving. My son was diagnosed with sz last year, and a few months ago I went ahead and got this scan for him, and now I can understand him, he doesn’t lose control anymore, he’s RATIONAL!!! I am so happy for him. He has come a long way, and has been in 2 mental institutions as well as numerous ER visits because of his psychotic behavior.

The ZYTO scan revealed that one of the worst toxins was toxic black mold exposure, which I believe he came into contact as school around 10 years of age. He is apparently very sensitive to molds, and once this toxin enters your body the only way out is through detox.

The detox took about one month, and he behaves so much more like a normal person, and his acne has even cleared up!!! I swear by this technology, and try to tell as many folks as I can about it. Our visit cost $150 for the scan itself, and he was given 4 separate detox bottles with droppers - each one was $26. What have you got to lose? I have done this myself for my major depression, and the day after I started my detox, I felt alive for the first time in my life!

Just something to consider…strongly!!!

Good luck to you all!


Also, I wanted to let you know that toxic black mold wreaks havoc on the brain. Every hospital you bring your child to for schizophrenia will not test them for this very obvious toxin. I have no idea why they don’t, but it sure makes me angry that they don’t look for this, or that the majority of doctors are completely unaware of the benefits of a ZYTO body scan. They are simply irresponsible for not helping everyone they can with this technology. It’s a true life saver.


I’ll definitely look into it. I wouldn’t mind getting one myself because I’ve always wondered about the house we live in.

I know that the lady we bought it from only lived here a year, and her adult daughter was having health problems.

My son has always been very anxious and I can point to some odd things before we moved here, but he had his first psychotic break 2 1/2 months after living here.


I often hear people complain about Oregon weather, too, but we are lucky because we don’t get hurricanes, rarely get tornadoes, rarely get blizzards (at least not west of the Cascades), and usually the worst thing we get is black ice. I don’t drive, but it’s still scary being the passenger in a car when it hits black ice.


I’m going to look into this for myself.


SCAM Alert,…


Perhaps, but it was a good reminder I should have my house tested for environmental toxins.
My son got better in the hospital the first time on the drug that gave out on him – or maybe he didn’t get better, he just got scared enough to pull himself together to get out.

He got worse very quickly when he came back home.

And, because he first became psychotic within months of moving into this house, there’s always been a little nagging thought in the back of my head about it.

Of course, he was also 15, and he had just started high school and most of the kids didn’t go to his middle school, and he’s always had an anxiety problem …

I’ve just always felt there was some missing piece to his puzzle.


How old is the house? What state? Any exterior mold? Hot humid climate?


The house was built in 1988, we live outside Richmond, VA - very hot & humid.

No outside mold, but lots of moss & algae - we’re pretty much living in the middle of a hardwood forest.

We moved locally -just bought a different house. But, the last house only had ornamental trees on the acre it was on.

After he got sick, it always bothered me that the lady who sold the house sold it at a slight loss after all the fees were factored in, a year after she bought it, and the story was that her adult daughter who lived with her had health problems.

Also, after we moved in, we found out from neighbors that there had been a fire upstairs where the air unit is years ago. I had a building inspector check & he said it was all well repaired, but you know water had to get places it shouldn’t have gone.

Since then, we had the air handler clog up on us & water go all kinds of places too. We pulled out all the damp sheetrock, insulation, etc - but it worries me.


That’s not good, interesting…


well, that was way after he first become psychotic, but before his meds cut out on him about 1.5 to 2 years ago.


This is in no way a scam, GSSP. My son had been suffering for so many years, and none of the doctors, therapists, psychologists that I took him to were of any help. It wasn’t until I took him to a holistic healer and had the ZYTO body scan performed on him that he finally received the help he needed. I showed the cost of this treatment so others could see how affordable it is. All my son needed was a good detox specifically designed for him, and he is absolutely doing so much better now as a result of ridding his body of all of the crap that’s been causing his psychotic episodes. I am so angry with the professional community for not making this a top priority in helping our children who have been effected by environmental toxins. We are all exposed to these things on a daily basis, but some folks are simply more sensitive to toxins then others, and it can cause them to behave in a way that they ordinarily would not. It is my sincere hope that my message will help at least someones child before something tragic happens to them. Living with a mental illness is tragic enough, but having it go on for so many years without being treated is a horrible way to live.


@slw I was speaking to a friend recently, her son had needed clozapine for his scz. She said that he had continued to improve on clozapine, the improvements had never stopped. If I remember right, she had said he had been on it for 8 years. She also said that the therapy work he did, helping him manage the symptoms was just as important as the meds to his overall progress. The therapy work got him back out into the world and getting back out there was the best therapy of all.

He was quite the success story, he took Peer to Peer, later he led Peer to Peer classes and did “In Our Voice” presentations. Off the official books, he met with many people whose parents had met him through his work and begged him to come to their homes and talk to their unmedicated adult children with mental illness.

He didn’t convince everyone, my son was one of those who resisted, but he convinced many. I suspect they weren’t convinced by what he said, but by what he was, an easy going guy who took the time to come visit with them, in their homes, in their rooms.


Thanks @hope - I think that’s where we’re at. I need to find a way to give him a little push into the outside world without doing any harm.

If I think I’ll do any harm, I don’t do anything - which I understand can be harm too.

He has everything in place with a case manager who would help him ease into it, if I could just get him to accept the help. I bring it up then back off and try again in a few weeks. Sometime or another, he might do it.


Do they offer Peer to Peer where you are?


They do - at several places.

There’s no lack of resources here. Our state’s Nami chapter is here, county mental health services is about 10 minutes away, there’s a non-profit, peer-run drop-in center that operates 3 afternoons a week, and a ton of support groups.