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Today, My Son Asked If He Had SZ


That is fantastic support


It is, but it’s worthless if he won’t actively participate.
Before, they said he was too ill to do any therapy work, but he was desperate to talk to someone.

Now, he’s probably well enough to do therapy, but he thinks he doesn’t need it - or it won’t help.


RBaker–how long has your son been “cured” of sz as a result of his detox?. I am skeptical of this holistic treatment. As someone w MS, I hear all kinds of theories for treatment are not scientifically proven.


LOL, you got that right…


I was skeptical myself, Jan. My daughter had been trying to convince me for years to take my son to this one holistic healer, and I thought that would be a waste of time and money, when actually, it was the other way around. I am in debt to various doctors for their ‘professional help’ and my son never got anywhere with any of them. He’d even been committed to 2 psychiatric hospitals, and had been given different drugs to make him more ‘normal’, but he didn’t want to take them because he doesn’t like the effect nor does he want to pop pills every day.

I won’t say my son has been ‘cured’, because it’s only been about 2 1/2 months since he completed his detox, but I can honestly tell you that I haven’t seen him this well in about 11 years or so. He tells me he feels amazing, and that in itself to me was worth more than anything in the world to me. The pain and suffering that he’d been through for so long seems to be a thing of the past now.

Getting a ZYTO body reading/scan will reveal whatever toxins your body is holding onto, and the holistic healer can prescribe various detox treatments to rid your body of those toxins. Some toxins attach themselves to your brain, as
the toxic black mold did to my son, and the only way to remove them is through a good detox. This treatment is highly affordable, and after you have completed it ~ maybe about a month or so, you’re done. There is no need to change your diet or anything crazy like that. When I did my scan and began my detox, my major depression ‘lifted’ the very next day, and I haven’t felt so clear minded in my LIFE!!! I’m not going to waste my time sharing this information if I don’t think it’s going to help another person. I have talked to many people about my experience as well as my son’s, and everyone I have reached out to has decided to get this incredibly informative body scan.

I have absolutely no reason to lie to anyone. I suffered right along with my son through each and every psychotic breakdown, and it was like diving into hell each time to try and pull him back out and into a better place. It was horrible. And now that I have found relief for him (and myself), I just want to help as many people as I can by sharing my experience and letting others know of this technology that really should be given at each and every annual physical exam. I have actually heard that there are some doctors offering this to their patients already, but it should be everywhere.

I am a veteran of 24 years in the Air Force, and I was aircrew, so I myself had been exposed to many toxins from around the world. I had even had several of the anthrax vaccines injected into my body because of my job, and had always worried about the long term effects of that vaccine. My body scan revealed that I had nothing to worry about as far as that vaccine is concerned, so I am very happy about that. And for anyone who may be reading this who happens to work around aircraft, this scan can even pick up jet fuel that you’ve been exposed to.

Obviously I’m getting carried away here, because I could literally go on and on, but I am very passionate about the results of this technology. So much so that I am preparing a package for both our prison system and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. I believe many people are locked up due to their out of control behaviors (as my son was out of control and now he isn’t), and they can be helped with ZYTO, and perhaps the VA can help out veterans who have PTSD or who are suicidal, and give them a good detox rather than countless pills…

Good luck, Jan. And just try to think outside of the box.


I went back and read every post you have made on this forum and it is all total garbage in my opinion, nothing but a sales pitch…:

You wrote on various post:

“I am the mother of a young man who is now 23 years old, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year after I took him to the Amen Clinic in Reston Virginia for a SPEC brain scan”

“So I finally gave in and made the appointment, and we were seen the very next day! The holistic healer only cost $150 for the body scan, and she stated that she didn’t believe he had schizophrenia at all. She gave him several bottles of detox which he was to take for about one month. Each bottle cost around $26. My son took his drops daily as he was supposed to, and I haven’t seen him doing this well since he was around 10 years old!!!”

"Have you considered getting your son a ZYTO body scan? It will reveal any and all toxins in his body that might be making him behave the way he is behaving. My son was diagnosed with sz last year, and a few months ago I went ahead and got this scan for him, and now I can understand him, he doesn’t lose control anymore, he’s RATIONAL!!! "

" All my son needed was a good detox specifically designed for him, and he is absolutely doing so much better now as a result of ridding his body of all of the crap that’s been causing his psychotic episodes."


GSSP…I cannot for the life of me understand why you are opposed to trying something different to help folks with this illness, when most of the people here are reaching out for help at this forum because their doctors have not been much help for them or their loved one. I am simply sharing my experience to help others. There is absolutely nothing in it for me. How you can determine that sharing a new technology that worked for myself and my son is a sales pitch is far from the truth. How can I possibly benefit from sharing this information? The only thing I can think of as far as you are concerned with your comments is that perhaps you have a reason yourself for keeping others from getting affordable help with their sz. Maybe you work for the big pharmaceutical companies? I don’t know. And I don’t care. Bottom line…I just want to let others know that cleansing the body can help with this illness. Period.


LOL, NOT, LOL, just a pack a day helps more LOL

holistic garbage has been around a few thousand years…

Cost benefit analysis yields zero return…

Yep, I own Merck-Medco


The new technology I am referring to GSSP, is the ZYTO body scan. This has not been around for thousands of years. And I used to think holistic healing was garbage too, but now I am so thankful to have opened my mind to it. I am sorry for you that you cannot do the same. You would be amazed at what this scan could reveal to you. I feel like I am being attacked by you for trying to help the folks on this forum, and it isn’t fair. It’s all good though. I’ve become pretty strong over the years having had to deal with my sons illness. I’m done with this conversation. It’s getting ugly without good reason.



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Ref # DEN-15-10 WL

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LaTonya M. Mitchell
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.I am hurting from heavy laughter, thanks, that was cool…



I’m glad it worked for you. I still don’t think it’s legit. I was a medical journalist for years, so i trust my instincts. Not a matter of thinking “outside the box.” It’s marketed thru chiropractors. They are good for treating back pain, but also are infamous for promoting questionable products. These kind of things can be dangerous because it’s not science based and could cause some patients to abandon real medicine. I don’t work for big pharma, by the way. Do you get kickbacks for promoting this?


No ma’am. I actually first heard about this technology through my daughter who had a friend that was addicted to drugs, and her parents went to great lengths to save her life. In a last stitch effort, just like myself with my son, they took her to the holistic healer, and, well…it worked for her. I thought it was a mind game or something, and blew it off as such. Wish I had taken it more seriously. And I sure wish I was getting some type of kickback for promoting this technology!!! LOL!!! I’ve convinced quite a few people to get the scan done. Oh well. You either try it or you don’t. Doesn’t matter to me either way. I’m just trying to help everyone I can while I am here on this earth.

By the way, this holistic person has customers from the Amish community that trust her enough to see her and they have gone to her for years. She has a very good reputation for healing people. Even has cancer patients and nurses that go to her regularly.


I wish I had an answer for you. I think you have said the best that can be said. So sadly, there are no magic words.


I am new here. Hi there. How old is your son? I think it is a good thing that he asked the question. He is trying to process it. I think I would have answered the same as you. At least he is questioning things.
My son just turned 22. He has no doctor. Has delusions. Does’t sleep sometimes. Says over and over he isn’t ill. Doesn’t need a doctor. He only has stawkers after him…All the symptoms are there. I see it.
So I think you are in a good place now and just keep things positive for you son.


He’s 28. He’s had on & off psychosis since he was 15. He had good insight up until he was 26, but at that time he only had a general diagnosis that varied from major depression with psychotic features, psychotic NOS, major mood disorder, etc.

We also did not hospitalize him when he was younger & his doctor wasn’t big on labels. And, even now, some people will say SZ, some will say SZA. He definitely has a mood component, so SZA fits as good as anything.


You were very lucky you caught it when he was younger and could get him to a doctor. My problem is my son is a young doctor and as a parent I can’t do a thing unless he is going to harm hmself or someone else. And he has no thoughts of this. He can really hide his issues too and no one would ever know he has delusions.


I am so glad to read this. It reminds me that my son tested highly allergic to 2 different molds and our house is severely in need of a good pressure wash. We have mold growing on our vinyl siding and it is worst on his side of the house.


Found your idea of telling them their brain “plays tricks on them”, might help.

When balanced and on meds for a while, my son gets very depressed and angry and has said , “What kind of life is this, mom?” My heart shatters to think that a child that was wanted and loved has this debilating disease!

I also try to stay positive and talk about doing fun things or the future.

He’s often forgetful to check his 'phone messages, lost his driver’s license, can’t make it in the world for 6 months without getting into trouble and going off meds.

I keep trying to “normalize” our relationship, but after a visit he looses it and I’m afraid he’ll become violent like so many times in the past. He’s been hospitalized, in jail, thrown out of homeless shelters. He’s currently in a group home.

I don’t think the State knows what to do for him next.

I talk about him buying his own place, a crazy dream, but it keeps me connected to him and helps with his dignity.

Merci beaucoup for reading my woes!

From Vermont,

Maple Woman


Saying prayers for all of us tonight. Tomorrow is another day. God bless.