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Total Destruction

Hello there,

My sister has been off medication for a few months now, she was very impulsive and more restless on it. Since she has been off it, she has been calmer, still has weird new tendencies such as closing the toilet seat, removing labels from everything she buys, having delusions about colors and their meanings and now she is destroying things she owns. She destroyed her laptop, and a bunch of valuables stating she’s “cleaning up things she doesn’t need anymore” anyone else experience this? She seems to have this new tendency every other week while forgetting some of her older ones such as yellow being her favorite color to hating everything with yellow and everything yellow must be thrown out and now she is back to loving yellow.

Hi and welcome back to the forum. I’m sorry your sister is destroying things. You asked if others experienced this, the answer is yes, for sure.

One oddity in her behavior is clothing. My daughter gave away almost all of her clothing when in psychosis, and in addition started giving away my stuff too. We live on a busy street and if you put something in the front yard, near the street, usually someone will stop and pick it up shortly. The last two years have been a lot better, since she is on a medicine that works, but she still buys clothing and sometimes keeps it in bags in her room, and then decides to give away those things to the Salvation Army, sometimes never having worn them.

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