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Transdermal antipsychotic

Has anyone heard of using a transdermal patch version of an antipsychotic to control schizophrenia symptoms?

Also, family members - how do you deal with increasing paranoia and delusions regarding medications? My family member is becoming increasingly worse due to medication noncompliance.

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I found this and it’s very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this article. Too bad it does not address any current possibilities for schizophrenia. My family member is noncompliant with medications and a patch seems like it would be a functional alternative to injections / pills… Any further insight is greatly appreciated.

Seems like it could be good for some people. But what’s to prevent someone from just peeling it off?

Some medications come in sublingual formula or liquid; that might be a current possibility.

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Yep, I have often wondered why they don’t just deliver meds through a cigarette. My son smokes like a chimney and wouldn’t even question a new brand.


I have said the same thing! While he stopped smoking cigarettes, I think mine would try a med delivered through a cigarette.