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Trying to Understand Schizophrenia


Hi, my name is Ryan. I am a student at Napa Valley College in Napa, CA. I hope I am not intruding, but my classmates and I are working on a project on better understanding Schizophrenia and the community around it. We would very much love to speak to any of you either online or in person about your experiences dealing with Schizophrenia or interacting with someone with Schizophrenia.

I do understand the sensitive nature of this topic and so we would not put anything on our project without your permission. We definitely will not be using any names without your permission. We are just trying to further our understanding of what a person with Schizophrenia goes through and how he or she impact the people around him or her because of Schizophrenia.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Ryan,

I recommend you read through these discussion forums - and also the old discussion forums with many, many messages. Read those and you can get an idea about any idea of schizophrenia:


Thank you very much for the link. I will definitely make good use of it. However, what we are looking for is actually some personal experience and stories for our project. Hopefully, some of you are willing to help us out with that.


I’m sure there are schizophrenics in your local area that you can talk to, picking random strangers on an Internet forum who may or may not have schizophrenia doesn’t seem like it would yield any sort of valid results.


Wanna hear my story about pan? Saw him during my “episode”.

Half of a goat he was, he just walked out and stared at me, after a few moments he went back and was gone.

I saw an alien to, and some shadow people, a light being, a ghost that looked human, a ufo, some other stuff to.

Ill tell you anything you want to know, any questions i can try and answer, and any donations would be much appreciated, because im poor and im dying.


My son has been diagnosed with sz.

I would be happy to answer questions from my point of view although I would not be open to anything more personal than an exchange of questions through email.
Good luck with your project.


You have to understand that when they are in the throes of their illness it seems to the sz’s that they are being reasonable, and everyone else is insane. Sz’s are often outraged at the treatment they get, which can make it hard for mental health aids that have to take care of them.


It can feel like very one is hearing your every thought, which puts pressure on you and might lead you think more disturbing things because it’s what your afraid of thinking. Schizophrenia when it pertains to telepathy with people God gods or aliens or interdimensional beings is very different from paranoia and hallucinations although they kind of go hand in hand and perpetuate each other. Every case of schizophrenia is so different I find I can typically relate to what others go through but really we all have our own specialized problems. Unfortunately therapy and medications are only sometimes effective at reducing symptoms. Mainly getting over SZ is about lifestyle and belief systems. A great deal of relaxation is involved. Maybe I don’t even know what it’s like to be really schizophrenic even though I have been diagnosed. Most of my problems seem to be subsiding finally after 2 years of hell. I certainly learned a lot, but sz sucks big time and there is so little actual help you can find. You can find team members but no one can cure you. Man sz just sucks. Hope that info helped I’d be happy to answer any questions if you want to send me a private message. Good to see people from the nuero typical crowd taking an interest.


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