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Urinary Retention from Ivega Sustenna?- PLEASE HELP!

I received 2 injections of Invega, initiation(234 mg) and loading (156 mg) and shortly after the shots I developed urinary hesitancy then one day I couldn’t pee at all…had to go to the hospital and put a catheter in.

It’s been about a month and a half since getting these shots and I still have trouble peeing, just wondering if anyone else has gone through this…wanting a little hope

Hello @Needhelp , I see this is your first post. Perhaps you would have better luck getting answers in the “medication and vitamins” forum Medications - or in the “people who have schizophrenia” forum where a higher percentage of members are using medications themselves. Most of us on this family/caregiver forum are not on medicine for schizophrenia ourselves, but many supervise others who might be medicated or not. Some here take meds themselves, but you may find more answers on the other forum.

Good luck sorting out the urinary troubles, I hope you feel better soon. Do make sure that your doctor knows there is still trouble.