We are caregivers

Often there isn’t a lot said about the caregivers for someone with schizophrenia. We tend to show up in stories written by the media after a tragedy happens and then we are put under a microscope for people to determine if we have done the right thing in raising, caring for, and protecting our loved ones. Often the judgment comes down on us from those who don’t have the first clue what it’s like to be a caregiver. It’s so easy for them to say what they would have done differently if they were the ones deciding the fate of our loved ones with schizophrenia. It’s so easy for them yet it is one of our most difficult jobs and one that we pour our heart and soul into daily.

I didnt know you were a caregiver…

I am not. Notice the article link.

Caregivers need caregivers!

I became a caregiver last year for the first time in my life.
I have always been fiercely independent, and take care of myself, by myself as much as I am able.
It really is an eyeopener to care for another human being.

I do see myself as a caregiver. Sometimes I need care and sometimes I can give care. I bet I’ll need care again in this life. I bet I’ll be able to give care again in this life.

It’s a circle.

I am sort of a caregiver to my Mom - she is elderly and a bit feeble, and has mild dementia. It is draining, but thank goodness my Dad helps out a lot. I dont now if I would be able to be a full time caregiver. It is difficult enough to take care of myself