We may be onto something

My son was continuing to struggle in his newest living setting. There is 24-hr nursing care, and they were dealing with it, but everyone was concerned that he continued to have problems with delusions and psychosis and mood swings.

On some of his hospital stays, he had received Geodon injections. He has for a while been asking to be put on Geodon. I finally approached the doctor, and asked if it might be added as a prn for him, and the doctor agreed. The staff saw positive results, and it has been added to his meds twice a day.

Although still having delusional and psychotic thoughts, I see improvement in mood, and also in his thought processes becoming more organized.

Lesson learned - LISTEN - sometimes our loved ones have insight, maybe not into their illness, but at least into how they feel, and can direct us toward what will work.

I take Geodon and Seroquel and they seem to be the right med’s for me.

That’s good news. Glad you son is seeing positive results with the Geodon injections that he himself recommended!!:slight_smile:

Thanks Crimby -

It is always a little worrisome to make a change in medications, but it seems to be a bit of guesswork to find just the right combination, and it is such a relief when something starts showing good results.

Had you tried other things prior to finding this combination?

Also, my son is currently concerned about the weight that he gained when on Invega - which we switched off of because of the significant weight gain. How has Geodon been for you in regard to weight gain or maintenance?

Lovemyson - Yes it is good. The injection is only for acute agitation. He is getting oral doses twice a day now.

Glad this worked out! A good lesson that is hard to learn…

That’s wonderful that you found something that worked so well.

That’s great news. It must be such a relief for him and for you.

That is great news valleypenne. I agree sometimes we need to listen.

I do agree - completely

He is sounding so much more up beat and hopeful!

Yay! So happy for you and your son! :thumbsup:

Geodon is supposed to be weight nuetral.