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What are some tips of getting a person who doesn't want help sectioned?

we have been trying every resource possible me n my mum trying to get help for my sister for her past 6 years in delusion and harassing someone she has been put on probation for 18 months
she is much worse very suddenly about 3 months ago going into end stage alcoholism
there is nothing left of her.
this imminent death is going to cause substantial suffering to her

hopefully forced treatment is the best outcome

perhaps because she is on probation they could help her to forced treatment?
is ‘coming out’ about her incredible abuse of my 76 year old physically frail mum over the past 6 years living in a one bedroom flat while she usually screams abuse for 3 days and then appologises and is sweet for a few days
her plans even (selling her own place / moving away from all contact) have gone over to her wanting to go travelling

This is it for her

if i shop her for long term severe elder abuse will she end up in prison?
is that worse than dying on your own ?

a “female police officer”
4 weeks ago
said to our face
with eye contact and rational that would send fear
while in the presence of paramedics and my mum and me
that she has the right to kill herself and that suicide is not a crime

the most recent time i called the paramedics for her, they called 4 riot police like some sort of rude wave goodbye because she may have a knife in her room where she SEVERELY self injures all the time

I thank God daily for the arrest, court order and forced meds that brought my daughter to sanity after 2.5 years of abusive psychosis and 40 visits by police to my home. This last judge was more interested in getting her help than in locking her up.

Each time the police get involved, a different thing can happen. Even the same policeman might have a different reaction the next time.

In my opinion, if your loved one is committing crimes and won’t medicate, then for the protection of others, the loved one should be arrested. Sane or insane, no one has the right to hurt others. I will never forget the pain, fear and self-hate in my own heart when I had to testify against my daughter (as it was sooooooo hard), BUT it was the absolute BEST thing I could have done.

She has been out of psychosis for 9 straight months now, she is working, pleasant to be around, willing to see a psychiatrist, and my house is calm and thriving.


Bless you Blue!


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Are you in the U.S. or another country? This is terrible treatment anywhere! But it happens way too often. Law are changing and education is happening in most places, but not quickly enough. My biggest fear (thankfully, I did not have to worry about danger to me or to others) for my loved one is that he would become a victim and suffer terribly. Forced treatment (where it is available) CAN be the best thing for the person. I have heard several different persons living with SZ themselves tell me that they had to “hit bottom” before they got the help they needed, and now each is very stable, and living a reasonably good life. It is hard for us to understand and appreciate the terror and confusion that our loved ones may have when the world that THEY experience is so different from what WE experience.

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I am familiar only with laws in Florida. The Baker Act is the law that gets people involuntarily hospitalized, but that only lasts a short time usually 3 - 10 days, until they settle down, usually on a pill form of medicine. Unfortunately, there is no way to force medication on someone long term unless it is court ordered.

At first I was horrified at the thought of hospitalization and arrest for my daughter, but after 3 hospitalizations that didn’t result in acceptance of medication long term, I began to pray for a compassionate arrest and judge. I felt like a traitor wishing for such things.

However, it was ONLY the 2nd arrest and 5th hospitalization that got her on medicine and stabilized my daughter. And ONLY because I went to court and stood in front of her and the judge and said “She talks to beings who watch over the city and she reads minds.” The judge knew instantly that she was psychotic (and my daughter agreed that this was true) and that was the beginning of recovery for her (and me).

If you feel you need to section a loved one, it just may be that you are right, and you should try to get it done (however many times it takes).

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