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What questions and resources do you need/have after your loved one has a break or major episode?

I’m wondering what questions or resources do caregivers have/turn to after a loved one has a psychotic break? When wondering if treatment should be changed, what are your considerations or things you research?


Best resource - this Forum right here!


Same as @Vallpen . :+1:


Agreed. You are at the best place for asking questions getting advice. I called Nami and haven’t heard from then - over two weeks ago.


This is a good site. I am always reading books and watching You Tube videos also. The book that I am reading right now is “No One Cares About Crazy People” by Ron Powers. It’s a newer book written by a father sharing his family’s experience with his two sons. It helps me to get a broader outlook than just from the medical professions viewpoint.


I also read every book I can find. Internet for articles. This site. NAMI Family and Friends Support Group, certain members are good resources.

I have infinite questions, very limited resources, and don’t know where to turn.

NONE of us decide our family member’s treatment; doctors do that.


I often ask my friend the former FtF teacher questions. She has years of experience and is well acquainted with the drugs.

Do you have a specific question I could ask her for you!