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When someone with schizophrenia mentions killing?


You unfortunately have it 100% right here. Your choices are take action (and they won’t be fun actions - I know it’s hard stuff) or continue to live with these very real concerns, risks and stagnation and take whatever consequences come with it.

If I may be so bold you should also research co-dependency. When someone is a caregiver it is for some personality types (such as myself) really easy to fall into a co-dependent relationship. This may be what has happened with your son and you wife-I don’t know. But her not pushing him to do what he needs to do to take care of himself and better himself is more harmful to him in the long run than all these things she is doing to try and make his life better and easier. And you sound like you are getting close to the limit of what you can take-this dynamic could damage the marriage. You gotta do something my friend, for your own piece of mind if nothing else.

What arguments have you made with your wife for going to NAMI, or counseling, or anything? May be it’s time to bring out the big guns, and say “I cannot live like this forever, things need to change, we need help.” (Which is still a little less strong than what I would say). What would happen if you did that? Pushed harder?


When the voices become specific i.e “with a knife” and mothers name, you should be concerned. Professional treatment is necessary in those periods.


Maybe he just says it for attention.


I am just looking for an opinion. But I always think the worse that could happen instead of being positive. I am a caretaker pretty much as my husband does not work; says he can’t work due to an accident in 2012. I know his symptoms from the accident are fine NOW but the schizophrenic symptoms starting coming Jan 2015. So since 2015 I have not pushed or asked him to get a job knowing he is paranoid around people.

My question is, I always am told by family to be careful. He could be violent at any time. But, research shows he likely will not. Still I can’t stop thinking WHAT IF he is violent at one time. Or what if the voices tell him to kill me or my 6 yr old son. I am his enemy. I have been accused of cheating, trying to kill him for money, and more. Of course he don’t remember half of his stories. However, he has never been not the least bit violent. Nor has he acted like he wanted to harm anyone. He has never said it either. By the way, he is not diagnosed. He denies having SZ or that anything is wrong. I spoke with a doctor and told doc what my husband says and does and that is why i know it is SZ.

Anyway, do you think his symptoms could get worse and one day he may be violent or try to harm us? Or is that a small chance? I have no clue what the voices are telling him. I know he has them though. I hope the voices are not saying mean things or to kill anyone??? He listens to headphones with music really loud or reads the bible day in day out which i learned was to wash out the voices in his head.

Just your opinion would be nice. Because I am the enemy means he don’t trust me. He already said we are over (no relationship here). I pretty much just take care of him so he won’t be homeless hoping he will love me again one day. Sad huh.I can’t get him to get help because he don’t trust me.


My ex husband w paranormal Sz was never violent, until he was. Be careful. I agree w the poster who said the violent video games have to go.

Someone once gave me sage advice: Take every threat seriously.


You have to always be careful and listen carefully for threats. While its true that the research numbers show that unmedicated people with scz have a low incidence of violence, the numbers are higher among the unmedicated.

Dr E Fuller Torrey has addressed this issue in several books and article.

When my son is having a bad episode we place the utmost concern in what words he is saying. We want to know if he is issuing threats for two reasons - one because it is grounds for a 90 hospital stay in our state and two - it has been our experience at support groups and in class, violence is spoken about before it happens.

Such threats are serious and should be taken seriously.


Not trying to alarm anyone here, but I think this bears posting. My former doctor killed his 9 year old son when in a state of

Here is a link to the latest update on my former doctor if anyone is interested in reading it. I was completely and totally shocked when I first heard about this on the news. He was a wonderful doctor. I couldn’t believe it.

This gives me pause because my sz son has already had a couple of violent episodes.


But so far, he hasn’t even blinked an eye at me. Seriously, NO violence. Even when we argue he is soooo calm. I am the one getting frustrated in the argument beings he accusing me of cheating etc. I can’t stand being blamed for something I didn’t do.

So IF i was to see any symptoms, I would definitely leave and tell him to get help if he wants to see us. I grew up as a child where my father was abusive. I will NEVER do that again.


Thanks for the article. I just read a current article TODAY about a doctor who killed his kid and wife i believe. My thinking is,. would my husband ever be violent. Although he says WE are not together (although we are married) and he goes through episodes of blaming me for things, he Loves my son so much. I can tell by this actions. In fact, my husband seems to have NO emotion at all but yet I can see how much he loves my son. The only person he shows any emotion to.

But yet, if he went through a bad episode, the voices may tell him and he may follow. I don’t know. Right now, I work and it is summer so guess who is watching my son at home all day??? my husband. I push the situation off as if it is not here so I can deal with life day to day. But days like now, I worry even though no signs show he would ever harm us.


I believe in having dogs, large, inside dogs, as a precaution. They aren’t a guarantee, but they have stepped up often enough in people’s experiences to make their expense well worthwhile. When my son lived in our house with us, I could sleep with a loud fan on to block his nighttime noise and the dogs in the bedroom to keep us safe.

A friend from childhood was saved by her large dog. Her daughter with scz had threatened to kill her and a sibling many times. When she was successfully choking my friend, her dog intervened and saved her life.

As I have mentioned before, I tried to get a woman from my FtoF class to get a dog for protection. Her son had threatened to kill her and her husband many times. He killed both of his parents with a sledgehammer.

After that I got a second dog, and we still haven’t been threatened by our son - I’m not taking any chances.

Remember if it happens to you, its the scz that’s threatening to kill you, not your family member.


That is such a sad.story(article about dr/son).


I know. Heartbreaking. Especially because he was a wonderful doctor at one time.


:broken_heart: it must be hard to have known him.
Mental illness does not discriminate against patients.