Where do I send a family member to get help?

My nephew’s step-son (18) is having emotional issues that are believed to be related to Schizophrenia. He want’s help and his family wants to help to. He has actually been in a emergancy type setting for several days and did well on the prescribed medication, but from what I understand he did not get a follow up appointment with an assigned counsler/psychiatrist. Also, my nephew does not have insurance for his step-son. Where does one go to get help in this type of situration.
I want to get this sweet kid some help.
Thank you.

If he wants help, they should be able to get it - the best thing to do is contact their local mental health services. He should have been discharged with information about it. They should do an intake interview, and hopefully get a social worker assigned. The social worker will then assist in getting additional social and mental health services and applying for medicaid (assuming you are in the states).

Can I ask where you live and I will see what resources I can find.

They live in New Castle Indiana which is about 40 miles outside of Indianapolis In.


This place is in Indianapolis.

This link has a couple of Indiana places although I don’t know if near you or not.

https://www.meridianhs.org/ Meridian Health Services

Sorry I don’t know if any of these are free or not. If they can’t help then one of them should be able to point in the right direction at least.

Hi Monica~
Glad that you want to get some help for this boy.
Also try your local NAMI support group.
Would just like to say welcome…this forum is also a great place for support and info.
Good luck to you!