My son made it through his first session at the Y. Was gone for more then 3 hours. Wrote 2 tests to see where he is at for math and I think writing skills. So impressed and proud that he made it there and stayed. I did a load of his laundry while he was gone and tidied up his room as my way of saying :thumbsup: He’s napping now :smiley:


Good for him. I didn’t get my GED until I was twenty-five, and I didn’t go to college until I was thirty-seven.


That’s great. I know how tedious testing can be to the MI.


Aww, that’s wonderful! Good for him! I know it makes your heart happy :dancers: :clap: :star2: :ok_hand: :sparkles:


That is very cool. He stayed on his own accord for that long and put up with test. This is very good news.

I’m glad he’s starting to work towards this.


Yeah, good for him. Maybe it’s a sign of good things to come. I have my GED AND my High School diploma. It’s a long story. How many more sessions does your son have?


Don’t know yet. He can progress at his own rate but probably at least 6 months, twice a week for 3 hours each day.


Nick -

I recall that you are taking courses at a community to get an Associates degree. Was it the case where the college required you to have a high school diploma instead of a GED degree ? If not, then how was it that you got both a high school diploma and a GED degree ?


Cefe, I hope this helps. At my high school the requirement to graduate was to accumulate 200 ‘credits’ , over the span of 4 years. Each individual class was worth 5 credits. So, for instance my freshman year, I took 6 classes in the first semester. And the same in the second semester. I passed all of them so for that year I accumulated 60 credits. I failed a few classes my last two years. And I should add that certain classes were required to graduate.Well, by the end of 4 years I needed to pass ONE required course to get a diploma. I think it was "government’. I had 195 credits but because of drugs ( LOTS of pot), and probably the start of my schizophrenia, I had flunked out of all my classes except this one class (‘government’). Well, with one month until graduation,an incident occurred and I was told not to return to this class. So I didn’t graduate with my fellow seniors. I just ended up with 195 credits. So I did two things; I got a job in a restaurant, and I got my GED. To make a long story short, a month or two went by and school was over but I got a letter from them. The letter said that they were holding ONE class in Summer specifically for people who only needed 5 credits to graduate. I took the class, I passed, and I got my diploma!!


He wrote two placement tests for math and reading. Now has his workbooks of what needs to be done for these two subjects. Actually did 1 hour of homework yesterday and just left for today’s class. Wanted to stay home today. Mom had to say no. I know it can be hard to get going but he needs to attend their classes.

For a bit I wondered if getting him the laptop was a wrong move but I’m not to sure he would be giving in so easily or not fighting me on this if it wasn’t for the laptop. So far we are both winning :wink:


This is really good news. I’m glad this is finally going your way. I’m also glad to hear that he’s getting out of the house more and doesn’t have as much time to spend with the unhelpful friend.

It does sound like things are taking a turn for the better. :smiley: