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14 Year Old Diagnosed with sz and then clinical depression

My son (14) was diagnosed by one dr as schizophrenic and by another as severe depressive disorder with psychotic features. The first came while having hallucinations and paranoia and the second came after 4 months of treatment and medication. I would really love to believe that this is just depression but I have a feeling it’s not. The dr said he is too young to have sz but we will watch him.
My issue is that the moment he got the second diagnosis my insurance immediately stopped covering the treatment whether or not he was ready. I can’t get any sort of disability insurance because now he is just depressed.
Has anyone else had this problem? I’m not sure what to do next.

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@a_s7002 Hi, No disrespect to your doctor but that is not true that a 14 year old is too young to be schizophrenic. I know of several parents from various support groups and the NAMI class I took several years back, who had a child that had sz symptoms start anywhere between 12-17 (my son’s symptoms began in his mid teens). I would absolutely want a second opinion from somebody experienced in mental health for teens. Depression is serious enough but if he is schizophrenic or even schizoaffective it is better you know now than later. My heart goes out to you and your son. :seedling:

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I recommend you contact the NIMH - who has specialists who focus just on the issue of childhood schizophrenia (with is very rare - less than 1 in 30,000 compared to 1/100 in teen/young adult schizophrenia.

Here is here contact info:

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