Newbie to this World - Son 15 years diagnosed with Psychosis

Hello :wave:,

I am new to this world, live in Toronto, Canada, my son 15 years old was diagnosed with Psychosis/ Schizophrenia. Short long story, we were suffering with him since 2 years and none of the Doctors can proper diagnosed him till recently (few months ago);

He is suffering from delusion, hallucinations, breaking up from reality, talking to him self, laughing too much with no one talked to him or watching anything funny, we had admitted him 3 times to hospital due to Pshycosis episodes due to losing control on him, he was trying to kill himself / hurt parents/family members, throwing staff left and right. So first they put him on Remeron for 7 months and didn’t work for him, then the last episode was very tough and was diagnosed with Psychosis and start 3 types of medicine (Quetiapine, Olanzapine) and all gave him a hard side effects, now he is on Abilify 10 mg for the last 2 weeks, my questions are:

1- will he be back to normal life? As he now on dellution and Hallucination
2- is the medication will work for him?
3- he lost all his friends and social connections, school is doing very bad, no concentration with zero academic?

Is this something normal for what he was diagnosed? Any input or thoughts to make it easy on me to understand what is going on ?


Hello @maherc and welcome. I also answered on your first post on the other thread. To answer your questions:

  1. Maybe / maybe not. Usually a person afflicted by sz is quite changed by the illness and never goes back to “normal”. However, what is call a “new normal” is reached, and each step to a better life is quite a win in this war against sz.
  2. Often different medicines are tried. Sometimes one works better than all the others. Sometimes none work well. It is sad that it is such a trial and error process.
  3. Yes, often a person with sz loses all friends, social interests and academic goals. This illness can rob a person of their whole personality and it makes caregivers feel more helpless than they have ever felt before. It is a cruel cruel illness that is a lifelong struggle.

I am glad you found this forum. Please do come here and read what others have posted in the past and to receive moral support. Good luck caring for your son, it is so very hard.


My daughter first told me about hearing voices when she was 14. At 15, she was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. The initial medication regimes didn’t work. It turned out she was difficult to treat - not because she wasn’t cooperative, but because the meds just didn’t work. Finally, after 3 years, and multiple hospitalizations, they got the right med cocktail. She lost friends, struggled even in a therapeutic school, and eventually dropped out of high school and got her GED. She now works, drives, and has the beginnings of a social life. She started working a couple of years after dropping out of school. It’s been 6 years since she left high school and she hasnt been hospitalized. She’s doing really well.


Thanks for your story @mmm61 , so happy for you and your daughter that she is doing well and has her “new normal” (and you too!) :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club that no one wants to be a part of. I hope that you will continue with this site as it has been a help to me. Sometimes, just knowing that you are not alone with this disease can help you feel a bit better about it. While each of our loved ones are different, there are a lot of similarities that can bring comfort. I don’t think any one of of us can be surprised about the odd things our family member with sz has done. This disease is horrible for the person who has it and the family. It took us many years before we finally found a qualified psychiatrist to get a proper diagnosis. My son also has the delusions, paranoia. Try your best to find humor wherever you can, otherwise you will need to be medicated too!


It sounds exactly like my son who started about 15 1/2…is now 25…he didnt take meds till 2 yr ago…did get a small job …lost all friends in hs…doesnt socialize…only plays video games…and no motivation to try…said recently he hear voices still…prior was afraid to admit…is taking olanzapine, tri tillex, oxcarbazene…was in abilify…got addicted ro gambling at 21…abilify says has gambling addiction…some tried to get him on imveega susteena and said it would help voices and hallucinations go away…but when we switched doctors they ignore me when i mention that one…it is very sad…y life has changed too…depressing…i wonder if we have groups and bring our schitzo kids if they will be able to make a friend with each other…

What medications does she take?

To control moods, anxiety , and psychosis she takes clozapine, carbamazapine, seroquel (very low dose), clonazapam, low dose buproprion, and has started a very low dose of buspar because of a recent increase in depression. The clozapine, carbamazapine, and clonazapam are the primary medications. Hope that helps.

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Hi @mmm61 ,

I am just get scared of how many medications your daughter is ON, is That too much !!! This is unfair for all of us how we are suffering :disappointed_relieved:

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Her illness has been very well managed. She hasn’t been hospitalized in 6 years.

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My son was prescribed some of those when tounger but never got on a regime of them

@C11 I wish our sons could be friends!

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yes, maybe we should try and start some chat room, with option to video for illnesses