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? about meds (for some reason I can't post in other areas without creating a new profile)

Not sure why I can’t post in other areas (like the medication area) without starting a new profile? Anyone know why? I thought I’d stick around here, where at least a few of u know my story. Hope it’s ok to ask a medication ?

So, last month my husband psych gave him (kicking and screaming {not literally, but it was almost impossible getting him to take anything since theres NOTHING wrong with him} and he said that was IT and the only reason he was taking it was for me but he was NEVER taking anything EVER again) Depakote, as his biggest complaint was that he felt “irritated” by his voices and they make him angry and violent (understatement). He’s already been on Seroquel (which he’s believed for the last 20 yrs he’s been on to help him sleep, isn’t really for SZ (which has 100% controlled his SZ until I started seeing some symptoms last year and roaring about 8 mths ago) so this is in addition to. He’s supposed to take 600mg of Seroquel but will only take 300, as it makes him sleepy (he takes it at nite, so what if it makes u sleepy? Ur going to sleep!) I’ve felt its better than nothing so I haven’t complained too much. If ur following this, thanks. Makes sense as I type it on 4 cups of coffee. lol

Ok, so while his violent outbursts HAVE improved in the last month, his SZ has not. 2 weeks ago, his affect was super weird. He didn’t sleep or eat for 2 days and he said “they” were planning on making him blind. He even came up to me, waving his hands in front of my face and asked if I could see, wondering if they had also gotten to me. He was afraid of turning on his computer, as if if he did, “they” would steal all of our money out of our accounts. He even slammed my laptop down and asked me “do u want to get us killed?”. He acted super bizarre for 5 days before he started acting more normal. During this time, he couldn’t work, my Jeep (which he’s a gifted mechanic and had pulled apart my tranny in the garage) sat in the garage, as he was unable to remember how to put it back together. I thought I was going to have to hire someone to tow it to repair it. He was adamant that I NOT do that, that he would get around to doing it “soon” - he was just too busy to get to it. He paced our RV (where we’re living until we buy a house in Wa, where we moved 7 mths ago from Ca), literally 6-8 hrs a day, becuz if he sat still, he would go blind. I was exhausted watching him. I bought Dr Amadors book “I’m Not SIck, I Dont Need Help” and I’ve read some of it, skipped to the chapters on hospitalization, just in case.

I don’t want to hospitalize him. He holds down a full time job (that thankfully he controls so he’s not in jeopardy of losing, unless he loses it at work, which I’m somewhat fearful of), he’s a grampa who’s world revolves around his 2 young grandsons, we’re in the middle of buying a home, and I can see that a medication DOES work (for some things) for him IF he’ll take them. I’ve also done some research after he’s been rx’d Depakote and it’s not a normal SZ med. I would like to request something different and I’d like him to be responsive to it by bringing up 2 weeks ago but not throwing him under the bus by “Tattling” on him. It couldn’t have felt great to have gone thru all of that, altho he really believe its all real and no medication will help, as he’s being controlled, he’s the “Chosen One” and they have to mold him to be the “Eternal Chosen One” so I guess he has to go thru all of that shit. But why do I have to go thru all of that shit? Becuz I’m married to him (luckily) and I too will live forever so whether I believe in it or not, it will happen to me… He’s just hoping I can see whats happening soon.

Gawd, I hate mental illness

Anyway, I’ve read alot of great things about monthly injectibles. R they better than pills? Or r they just better for those who won’t take pills? Once my husband agreed to take them, he actually took them (yep, I counted them a couple times) do they have different meds injectible or is it the same meds? Maybe if he did an injectible, he wouldn’t think about having to take meds all the time and he would feel more “normal”?

Is there any WONDERFUL med out there that helps violent outbursts and bizarre thinking at the same time? Is there something that doesn’t have weightgain as a side effect? I have a very vain husband who would for sure quit taking them if he gained weight. We went to the movies last week and he left the movie and told me becuz the IMAX was making him age. We weren’t even in IMAX but he saw the word IMAX outside and decided it was making him look old. He was grumpy and looked in the mirror all day. And when we got home, demanded I change my facebook profile and took all of the family pics I had around down as they made him look old. He’s 56. He doesn’t look old but he also doesn’t look 30.

Ok, now that I’ve written a novel, I’m sorry, btw. It feels good to write it down. Please share some names of meds with me I can research quickly (his appt is tomorrow afternoon) that u have personal experience with and can recommend. I understand that no 2 people are alike and no 2 people on the same med will have the same outcome. I just want some info to discuss with his psych tomorrow. I want to discuss SOMETHING, as I know she will ask him how he’s been doing and he will say “Great. Thanks”

Ok, as I reread this whole post, I look manic myself. I just have so much to say and trying to keep it condensed. I’ve got no one to talk to about this so it feels good to find people going thru the same thing. Please tell me to shut up if I talk too much! Thanks for any help u can give me!

Hey ! you made me laugh . you sound as nuts as i am with this exhausting mental illness , My son paces too , i think that’s one of the side effects of his meds . He rages too but overall he is stable , he has good days and bad days . He is on Abilify and thats one of the AP drugs that don’t make you gain weight . My son had the injectable ONCE and ever since he believes that the psychiatrist injected meth or something that has caused him to shrink his muscles and is trying to sue her until this day (this happened 2 years ago ) he believes she ruined his life . He also tried Zyprexa and he raged so bad with that one and tried seroquel which made him vomit . he refuses to change any meds right now , his doctor wanted to add Depakote but he refused that too . You can ask about ABILIFY as its a mood stabiliser too .

My son also paces and he doesn’t take his meds. I just think its a negative symptom of this dreadful disease.

I applaud you for doing your own research and learning, but what I’m just wondering what his doctor says about these changes in his behavior?

Oh, and my Jeep is done and has been on the road since last weekend. I was a little scared that maybe he put it together wrong but he did a great job (like always). When he’s not going thru an episode, he’s together, knows whats going on, is a great husband, dad and grandpa. I’m just praying that todays psych appt he is open to suggestions and will try something in addition to what he’s already taking. Just wanted to add about my Jeep :slight_smile:


Thats really interesting , thats for sharing .

Hope all went well today !

There are rules for each of the forums. I tried to join the medication forum and was blocked from it by the administrator. I didn’t realize I had violated the rules. It is OK to talk about meds on this forum.