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Husband with sz won’t stop yelling!

My husband has sz, and we went to the Grand Canyon, had some fun, but he screamed at me for 4 days straight. He has anger outbursts where he calls me names with obscenities, and really gross things, whatever he can use as ammo. I think it is time for me to leave him, because the things he is yelling about are becoming more and more personal and insulting. The thing is he is good most of the time. It was a rough trip at the GC, he is on 40mg of Geodon 2x a day. When he started getting a lot of anger outbursts, he increased his Geodon himself to 80mg 2x a day. For a week he was great, no issues. But when he saw his psych she wanted him to stay on 40mg 2x a day, now he is yelling again. Don’t know what to do.

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Hi , some meds make you agitated and angry , perhaps discuss this matter with his doc . My son has outbursts too and when he reduced the meds it got much worse and now his brain is used to the very low dosage he has less rages . The meds changes chemicals in the brain and sometimes they can’t help it . Don’t get me wrong i know how it feels to be a punching bag full of insults . Changing to a healthy diet can help too . sorry for you pain .