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Activisim, Advocating, Amending laws?

I’d love to research once my hubs is stable and I can do other things how to possibly amed the Baker Act here in Florida to work more favorably with family of the ill. I just had such a negative experience with it and found it to ultimately be good for the not too severely mentally ill but terrible for the extremely ill and especially cleverly and manipulating psychotics.

Would anyone in my state be interested in taking part in this in the future?

I want to help people falling through the cracks of this law like my husband had been for months. There just no way he’s the only one like this in the state he cops and workers have told me otherwise many times.

I’d love people to help or testify how the act dragged out or complicated what could have been a faster less bumpy recovery.

Maybe others who have worked on laws or changing or repealing or putting some new ones in place?

I’ve matched and held and attended meeting and staged many protests but never actually went after a law. Looking forward to the challenge, whether it be repealing it and replacing it with a better one or amending it.

At any rate, love to hear thoughts or anything from this amazing group of supportive and open people


Maybe I’m just dreaming haha but it’s be nice to figure out a way to address psychosis possibly separately than other illness bc it’s completely different to some degree idk I just want to make a difference


Read “Crazy” by Pete Earley. It’s about the policies, procedures of mental health care and how the system itself gets in the way of people actually getting help. Much of the book’s narrative takes place in Florida. It may give you a starting point.

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And the county Miami is in is actually stepping up and making programs for people with mental illness.

That book “Crazy” is so good.


Thanks for the tip! I appreciate all the support the members of this forum have offered me so much