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Legislation to Reform Broken Down Mental Health Care System & Improve Treatment


HR2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, was introduced in the House in June. The purpose of the legislation is to reform several areas of our mental health care system with the primary purpose of improving treatment for those with serious mental illness.

This legislation will strengthen Assisted Outpatient Treatment, reform HIPAA so families have access to necessary information, increase the number of psychiatric beds, and much more.

Anyone interested in seeing this legislation get passed, please comment. Help is needed to keep it from getting watered down.


WOOHOO!! Count me in! I will go to Washington with you!
The Hippa is ridiculous! That law was already in place long ago. In the last 2 years, it is being used as a way to deny treatment ( in my opinion ). Anyone with a severe mental illness is expected to deal with complicated paperwork, call automated ph# and wait on hold for 30 minutes or longer, and ask for help-even though they are in psychosis.
I tried to make an appmnt for my son and was told I was violating his civil rights!
Don`t get me started…
Hope everyone comments here…


Awesome! Yes, HIPAA makes it a nightmare. I’m working with an advocacy group on facebook. Do you have a facebook page? My fb page is kimberlyblaker. You’ll see stuff about schizophrenia, mental illness etc. so you’ll know you have the right person. If you can message me on fb, I can give you the details about joining the group on fb. We have several projects in the works we could use help with. Thanks so much!


Thank you! I’ve already contacted my senators and congressmen!


I’m working with an advocacy group and we have several projects going on in an effort to get this legislation passed. Ranges from phones calls, to mailings, and more. If anyone has some time to donate (can do from your own home), please let me know.