Adjunctive memantine in clozapine-treated refractory schizophrenia: an open-label 1-year extension study 💊


My daughter was on Clozapine for one month. It took away all her white blood cells. Her Dr stopped med right away. Now she is on trilaphon 8 mg. She is not trying to hurt herself or agitated…very happy…except she talks to the voices all day, most of it is non-sence. Not sure where we go from here.

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My son has responded well to clozapine, without any dangerous side effects. Now if only it was available as an injectable, so that he couldn’t decide to not take the full prescribed dose. He was doing better when he took the dose prescribed by the doctor.

It would be nice to see something that would manage the negative symptoms, but the suggestion of adding another medication would only end in anger.

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So glad your son can tske this medication. My daughter’s white blood count went too low. Now she is on Trilathon and is having physicotic break throughs.