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Gradual improvement on Clozapine

I appreciate this forum so much. It has gotten me through the last few years of worsening symptoms, police interactions, etc., etc.

My son started Clozapine in the late fall, and I would say that only in the last few weeks when he got up to 200 mg. has he really seemed to improve. His doctor was really, really cautious with increasing the dose. He still is hearing voices and has a lot of fears, but it doesn’t seem as paralyzing.

He actually likes going to get the weekly bloodwork. The lab techs know him by name and he likes that.

Thank you to everyone here who shares their stories and make this life less isolating.


I am glad to hear about your progress , clozapine is terrific but slow. I saw the most improvement in my son at about 6 months and he was on 300 mg (150 twice a day) at that time. By the 6 month time he reported that the voices were gone. The improvements kept coming slowly and gradually from then on. It’s been 10 years now and I swear I still see tiny improvements even today, but he’s been very stable a number of years now and a couple of years ago his dosage was reduced to 250 mg (125 twice a day) and he has remained just as stable ever since. Best of luck!


Thank you, Catherine! Your son and some others gave me the motivation to find a psychiatrist who would try clozapine. I don’t care how long it takes as long as it helps!


Unfortunately, Clozapine didn’t work for my son but he only went once a month to get his blood work. He is a heavy smoker and that can counteract some of the meds he’s been on. The weekly monitoring had been done while he was hospitalized in our state mental hospital. Has your son been on it for less than six months? I know many on this site are familiar with Clozapine but in case you don’t have their website, here ya go: (corrected the link)

Here’s wishing the best for your son!


@Hummingbird …keep us posted on how your son is doing on clozapine

I am a parent looking for advice on good meds. My son is on monthly injections and he has gained a tremendous amount of weight on the med he is on. Pat in Olympia, WA

Sorry forgot to say the name of the med - Invega Sustena Pat in Oly WA

I’ve read posts from others in this forum about weight gain and the Invega Sustenna. That’s something my son hasn’t been on and what works for one may not work for the next. Can you answer a question for me, though? Did your son keep his same activity level once he went on Invega Sustenna or did he become lethargic as a side affect?