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Adult Disabled Child

Does anyone know anything about Adult Disabled Child benefit?

I called social security and they’re saying my son may be eligible for a portion of my benefits when I start collecting social security.

In other words, he would no longer be on SSI, but rather ADC.

supposedly he would be able to receive half of what I would get when I start collecting.

The only stipulation is that my son would have had to have been disabled after 18 years old, which he was.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated

Hello. It’s late here (East Coast), but I found a couple of things about this online.

See this pamphlet, starting on page 7:

or this website, for more info:

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Have you tried getting disability for him
through social security? Also did he work at all? You should call.

@roseo , yes he’s currently on SSI.

Called social security, all set.

When I’m ready to collect, I can add him to be eligible for ADC. There is a formula that they use, but it can only helphim as far his monthly amount being increased.

I don’t know too many people who can live on $750/month