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Questions about SSI and Income Taxes


Hello Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve post. All is well with my son, He’s on his medication and taking it on his own for now. Some of you know my story and know that my son benefits(ssi) finally was approved in November of 2016. He was approved on the first round. He never was denied Thank God. I have a question. My husband and I still works and has claim our son on our income taxes before he was approved. We never file early. My husband always claim my son. Will it affect his benefits? Will they stop his ssi because we claimed him?


There are some guidelines about filing in that situation but since I have not had to do it myself I am unsure of the exact rules, I would call your local Social Security admin office directly and ask them that question to get the best answer. PS: SO GLAD things are going well with your son!


Thank you Catherine, Yes, Things are ok for now. He has good and bad days, but he’s on his medication on his own. It’s a beautiful day out, so when my husband get home from work. All of us are going to the movies, so Today is a good day, don’t know want tmw will be like, but I’ve learn to just enjoy the days when he’s in a good mood. I will contact them on Monday because I don’t want anything to mess up his benefits. How are things going with your son?


Things are going well here, thanks for asking…no big crisis for quite awhile now where my son is concerned and I am grateful. I hope your family enjoys the movies…that is something my son and I enjoy too.


There are rules, we have to keep records and “prove” we provide more than 50% of his expenses. Fortunately we have been able to do this without a problem. Keeping a detailed record is important in case you get audited by the IRS


@myson, good to get an update! Wish we could do movies, my son can’t handle them.

I took him to the art museum this weekend on his request; one exhibit he enjoyed, but another one triggered him.


Thanks for the reply, Yes, I am keeping a record of everything. My son gets the full amount for SSI, but we still provide for him before we file, im going to contact SSI to get some info. Hugs to you!


Yes Vallpen, He enjoys movies and going out to eat. Those are a few things the family used to do when our kids was small and teenagers. My son is a high function scz. He have his bad days but as long as he’s on his medication He does good. There are tv shows and movies I don’t let him watch because I’m afraid it will trigger him. I’m just taking it one day at a time with his and this disease. It’s most definitely a roller coaster ride. He wants to start driving again. My husband and I don’t know if that’s a good idea because we are afraid he want come home to take his medication. We will have to keep praying on that situation. How is your son?


@myson, Such a tightrope of decisions we have to walk. Are you concerned your son will drive away and not come back at all, or just miss doses? Is he unwilling to carry a dose with him and take it at the correct time?

When my son was on multiple meds and multiple doses a day, he was pretty good about taking things when he was away from home as long as I remembered to provide the doses for him.

My son is remaining relatively stable on clozaril. His dad is coming to visit this weekend, which means I will have 2 days free of driving up to town to see him. I’m sure you understand - I love him dearly, but sometimes I just want a break. I hope the visit goes well. He seems less anxious about his dad visiting than he was last year.


Vallpen, I am concern about both. My son doesn’t understand that he’s not the same person he was 2 years ago. He has always been Biploar and was able to be stable without medication, but it’s different with sczo. He seems to don’t remember a lot of things including when to turn left on a green light. When we are out, I test him to see what he remembers. When I correct him, he be like I’m wrong. We don’t think he should drive, but what do you say or do to a person who doesn’t have insight of his illness. I think he only take his medication because he don’t want to see me cry because when he’s not stable he say some hurtful things to me and not his dad. When he is stable and I say to him do you remember what you said to me and I say it hurts my feelings when you talk to me like that. He doesn’t remember what he said. He will say I didn’t say that. I would never talk to you like that mama . I just let it go because I don’t want to upset him, but he don’t remember. He hasn’t drove a car in some years, so I guess we will see, but I’m not going to let him drive right now. I am glad your son is stable. I do remember on last year you talked about how your son acted with his dad. I pray that this year will be different. Yes, I understand about taking a break to get some me time. Our break comes by going to work. We have our neighbors watching and if they see anything to call us at work. My husband is 10 mins away, so he can get home quick. He’s stable,so He will go outside and smoke a cigarette and he may take a walk, but most days he’s to tired to leave the house. He will go outside to smoke and back in the house to listen to his music. My job is good about letting me take an emergency leave. I used that leave when he’s not on medication and unstable. When he’s unstable, we can’t leave him alone. Hugs to you and your son!