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Adult son has paranoid schizophrenia

My adult son was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 17 years old. I am his legal guardian too. I’m so confused about his behavior towards me. he lives in a semi independent facility. I am told he is kind, openly communicates, and very respectful towards the staff and others.
But not with me. he is always angry with me, he refuses to talk to me and always tells me he doesn’t want to talk. Last week, he showed his appreciation towards me for helping him clean and assist him with his laundry. 4 days later, I was with him when he had his telehealth appointment with his psychiatrist and he lied about everything. He even told his Dr. I wasn’t his birth mom and became so argumentative and combative with me. I don’t understand why he is this way with me. I need help. Why does he hate me? I am loving, patient, and help him all the time. I do not understand what I do that makes him angry.

Hi , Please try and remember its the illness talking ,not your son . Usually the closest one to our loved ones gets the worst abuse . I have taken so much verbal abuse from my son as i am the closest one to him and i do absolutely EVERYTHING for him . I know he feels bad sometimes and i was and still am sometimes hurt by it but i try and remember its the disease and not him and im learning the new him every day . I usually hang up the phone or walk away when i feel he is being rude to me or shouting . I try and set boundaries with him . Its a flip of the switch , i never know what mood or what tiny word can trigger him . I’m his punching bag , i’m his rock and he relies on me for everything . Having said that , he tells me he loves me every day . I have good days and bad stressful days and i deal with it one day at a time . Hang in there …