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And the cycle starts again


It’s only my brother and I. Both parents are dead. My brother got diagnose with schizophrenia at age 19. He is 35 now. After a mental breakdown last year he moved in with me. I didn’t think it would be a forever thing but every time things are going good he goes off meds, quits his job and wants to be homeless. Which fine go do that, but the last time he hurt himself pretty bad and had to have surgery. Well after 6months and loving his new job he quit yesterday and told me that he now wants to be homeless. Ahhhh
I’m having a hard time sticking with him again and again. Maybe this feeling is just for today. But here I am again waiting for a call: cops or hospital…


Your username tells it all. Your brother is so lucky to have someone like you who cares about his well being. I know that feeling of waiting for the next call. The sound of sirens now has a whole new meaning to me.

When he was living with you and taking meds, were things okay in your opinion? And if you don’t mind my asking, what happened that he had to have surgery?

Hang in there…


I’m so sorry to hear it. That’s really hard, especially when they just decide to live on the streets. Are there resources in your area to help him get some kind of housing?


Update: he was picked up and brought to the hospital, he will be admitted to the psych ward. They lower his meds recently and I guess it does not work at that dose.

@Holly67 yes he is great and functioning on his meds. the side effects just bring him down; weight gain, antisocial, uncontrolible hunger, lethargic ect. so he wants to get off them or lower them. the surgery was because the last time he went homeless he cut his hand to “purify” himself. He cut through 2 tendons and most of the nerves in his left hand.
@sacred we have a great mental health program here, Im not sure about the housing. I was just so hurt and worried yesterday. I told the doctors he could come back home when he gets out.


Sorry to hear about your brother. Glad he is getting help now. Maybe he can try a different medication.
If it is too hard for him to live with you-talk to a case manager about housing for him, and getting disability.
If you are not already, join a local support group.
As you know, this is hard to cope with alone.
This forum is also a great source of support!


Thanks. This is my first time on a forum like this, it makes me feel so much better just having a couple people talk to me on here. I was looking into local support groups too.


It really does help. Come back often! :leaves: