And it begins

Today my brother is getting released, IM SO HAPPY.
Without the help of my family I am afraid though. He will be coming home with me because, well, everybody else sucks. Hes been very up and down and I got the public defender to court order a psychological evaluation as part of the plea deal. Im ecstatic about this, but he may not be.
Last time we spoke he was angry at me, he was having a bad day. Im hoping when I pick him up tonight everything will be okay…I havent had to really handle his dilusions very much in person since his first episode landed him in jail.
But if anyone has any information on how to get started on finding a way to get him evaluated and finding a psychiatrist, the help would be beyond appreciated, as I have close to no time on my hands…I am located in central florida, U.S.

Id like to thank you all for your comments, support and love through this month and a half. Weve walked into a hell situation but you guys cool the burn, thank you so much!

Hi briaajay, I’m glad your brother is leaving jail.

Many NAMI chapters have a contact person with good ideas about resources: Find Your Local NAMI | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Does the court order for the evaluation have some suggestions as to who the specific evaluators might be and which evaluations they are ordering? Maybe ask the court’s mental health court for a referral? Call local mental health crisis teams and see if they have a social worker you can consult with.

Adequate resources can be difficult to find; best of luck to you.

I’m not from the US, so I don’t have info, but I’m very glad to hear that he’s out of jail. Best of luck to you and your brother, you guys deserve all the best.

Look at this site and contact them tomorrow. They provide community based treatment and will be a lifeline for you if there is a crisis. Be sure to tell them your brother has just experienced his first episode of psychosis. Many communities are developing programs to intervene early in the disease process which improves prognosis. Programs like this are popping up all over the US but are based upon models in Europe that have proven effective. My son is involved in one of these early intervention programs and it has been very helpful. Best wishes! And dont wait for your brother to agree…set him up and hopefully the professionals will be able to help him see that participating in treatment beats being incarcerated!

I second Tag’s suggestion. My sons in an early intervention program and its excellent.