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Anger and disciplinary issues as young children

Just wondering if your children exhibited violent or angry tendencies early on in childhood. Mine did, just angry about most things, fighting in school, problems interacting and being social, my son was also always extremely competitive in school, if he wasn’t the best, or if he didn’t score the highest points, he lost it, and it manifested itself in different ways. Just wondering if there is a correlation here, or if I’m just reaching, because I know most teenagers are angry during the adolescent years.

I know after we realized there was something not right, and after his diagnosis, the extreme amount of anger worsened.

He is stabilized for now, but at times, I do see his anger creeping in, I can see it in his eyes, and I’m scared and worried for him. I wish I could say he would never hurt me or his brother or anyone else (so far, that has not happened), but I’d be lying if I said the fear is not constantly in the back of my mind.

My son was never violent or angry. When he lived in the group home there was a homeless person killed in the town and he had a lot of fear of someone killing him.

He has been homeless a number of times. He also has fears of falling out of a car when its moving so locks the door.

He did hit a nurse In the hospital once when she was trying to give him meds and he was charged with that.

He never had a physical fight in his life. But I do know people who have had to deal with violence due to delusions. It’s the most difficult thing to deal with. My heart goes out to them. I don’t know how they do it.

Wishing everyone all the best with your struggles. It really helps to talk with others sharing the same experiences. I’m going to take some time off line now for my own mental health.

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My son struggled socially, and was resistant to authority if it didn’t “make sense” to his sense of justice. He was diagnosed on the autism spectrum around the age 12.

He was - and is - very bright, but also a perfectionist and didn’t handle failure well. He began avoiding trying to do things that he felt might be harder for him, or when he felt he couldn’t be the best.

@anon64643646, I hear you. I’ve deactivated all social media, it’s depressing for me. I either read, exercise or cook. Trying to work on getting more sleep, I don’t want to and will not take sleeping pills.

I hope your down time is peaceful and relaxing and please remember to nurture yourself, in any way that works for you.

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@Vallpen, I totally understand what you’re saying. You’re describing my son. When things didn’t go as he planned or thought it should, it triggered him immediately to anger. He never did drugs either, just naturally angry. He had hopes of making it to the NBA, (he is 6’4”, was exceptionally athletic, especially basketball). One disappointment after another for him. It’s no wonder that I wonder if his delusions aren’t based on so much pent up anger and frustration, especially since his delusions are based on “people out to get him”, “people want to see him fail”, etc.

Just all too sad.

I was a bit of mixed bag. I had a phase around 4 or 5 where I used to bite people, mainly in retaliation for mistreatment I think. Generally, I was more of a hider and avoider. I’d misbehave and cover it up.

My father had quite a temper, and I saw how his anger was destructive so I vowed not to try not to get angry at anyone but myself. As a result I tended toward depression and I understand now it was anger directed inward. I’ve only been in two odd “fights” in my life. One where a guy grabbed another guy’s arm and made him punch me in the mouth and broke and bloodied my capped tooth. The other I poured a little beer on a guy’s head and he punched me. I then poured a whole beer over my head to defuse the situation and we shook hands.

I do go into rages and shout and slam things and punch walls from time to time. I occasionally get into verbal altercations and shouting matches if I’m provoked, and it very much shocks and surprises people because it’s very much out of character. It’s gotten me in trouble in the workplace a couple times. I’ve made this transformation on stage in roles here and there and in auditions, sometimes to great effect, but that’s a more controlled environment.

My stepson had all kinds of behavior problems that progressed as the sz became known. He would lie, fight, argue but the worse was he would steal and it never bothered him. He told me that only one timed it bothered him when is was about 8 when his mom caught him and she was crying. Very bright which I think made it worse. Now, I think that he would hurt me or my husband because of his sz.