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Anosognosia Caregiver Alliance - New Web Site / Resource for those Not Getting Treatment

I’ve just seen this new web site - looks interesting. Mostly of interest for family members where the ill person is not yet getting treatment or doesn’t understand the need for treatment:

Anosognosia Caregiver Alliance

About the founder:

The Three of Us

My mom and dad were high school sweethearts. Married at the young age of 21, they lived in a tiny studio, eating off my dad’s amplifier that doubled as their dining room table, owning not much more than a salt shaker and broom. Although poor, they had each other, and that was enough.

A few years later, I came into the world, making our little family complete. With a $1.50 in my parent’s bank account, a new baby was the last thing they could afford; but their love for me was all that I needed to have a rich childhood. Being poor brought our family closer. I was blessed to have two loving parents who loved each other and loved me more than anything. I thought nothing could destroy the three of us. Until the day my mom fell sick.


This part looks of particular interest to people in this forum:

Every family’s situation and experience with anosognosia is different, but there are a few simple steps that each caregiver can take to understand the legal and medical options that best apply to their loved one. Below is a high-level approach that can help serve as an initial roadmap for caregivers to get started.Learn More >Learn More >

Anosognosia Caregiver Guide!resources/y10z5

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