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Another SSI question

I am representative payee for my son’s SSI account. I have tried to get him more involved as he has gotten better. Well, I made the mistake of giving him the checking account number for his Paypal. I thought it was for one purchase, but now his account is overdrawn AGAIN. Half of next month’s check will be gone to cover the overdraft. I have talked to him multiple times, and I thought we were getting it under control, but his symptoms took a turn for the worse several days ago. He has schizoaffective disorder. Of course, overspending is common with mania. I also think E-Bay shopping is a way for him to focus on something real and not upsetting voices. Anyway, I ramble. My question is does anyone have advice or experience with this type of problem? I think I need to go to the bank and see about setting up a new account which I imagine will be a royal pain with social security.

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Yes, as rep payee, the beneficiary is not to have access to the account. I agree you should get a new account.

Check to see if you can do it online with Social Security after you have a new account set up. I set up mine online originally.

Thanks. I just feel overwhelmed and angry that I alone have all this responsibility.

I hate it when I feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility. When I was overwhelmed (or thought I was overwhelmed before scz invaded our home) my husband used to tell me, pick one thing from all the things that are piling up and do it. My anger would have been about him letting me have all the responsibility in the first place.

I am planning to freeze my son’s credit on Equifax, TransUnion, and one other. Google how to freeze credit for guardian. It might cost $30 but my son cannot be trusted on these sites.
My son ordered from 15 sources and nearly $1400 worth of merchandise. Since my email was notified, I asked them immediately not to ship but didn’t have his pass for the eBay account. So I asked the postmaster to refuse delivery. She did but the people he bought from didn’t credit so he was stilled billed. I ended up settling but still paying for something he never received. It just kept creeping up and I did contact the company. They closed his account with my paperwork. Good luck.

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That is frustrating. One reason I limited my son’s access to money thru a Paypal prepaid mastercard (I would just put so much per month on it for him) is because if he bought something ridiculous or something that he shouldn’t, Paypal will refund the money no questions asked. It is a wonderful feature. Since my son still needs daily redirection, when he gets money on his card it works better if I say, you have the $10 for that gift you wanted to buy, or hey don’t forget you have $20 for that shirt you wanted, etc…etc…he tends to use it for the things I remind him of. It wasn’t always like that though, it has evolved. I am lucky in one way that my son has no interest in using the computer. He use to, but not anymore. I just leave well enough alone. I hope it all works out for you.

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Thank you. Lesson learned.

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You may be able to close the pay pal account. You are the representative payee and if you have his card for withdrawing his money, you may have to take control. My son also can spend his SSD on unneccesary things, but he gives us money for board, his car insurance and his cell phone, so does pay them. Good luck, the like to be Iincharge of their money, even if you are the representative payee.

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I would change the account right after getting the next check (like the next day) and then go to the Social Security office and bring the info to them directly --just to make sure no one drops the ball and you don’t miss the next check. It should be fine after that. Also if you talk to the bank and explain the situation not only can they set up safeguards against any unauthorized spending in the future but they might wave a few fees as a one time courtesy. I had that happen with me once and after speaking to a supervisor I got at least half of the fees waived. I would discuss waiving the fees before the next check is deposited though just to avoid the bank immediately taking them. Good luck.

Talk to the bank so that they can change it.

As a payee, you can either visit Local social security office or call them to change the account linked to his social security check. It may take a month to process.

I think you should get public trustees to look after his money

Thanks to all of you for all the helpful advice. I am working on it!

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