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Anxiety: Worse in the evenings?


Do most people take their Anti-P meds before bed? My son seems to do ok during the day but by 5:00 he is anxious and irritable and depressed. Does anyone have mood swingt that happen at a particular time of day. My son has not be diagnosed, we are on the waiting list at a teaching hospital. But has had two hospitalizations with Pscyh NOS


I tend to start out well in the morning, and by early evening I’m irritable and depressed. It’s been like that since before I was dx’ed. Your son’s anxiety could be just a natural tendency to be more stressed out in the evening.


Might help to take them at night?


My meds are through out the day.

I have to admit… a lot of my panic attacks happen at night.

A stressful day or a day too full… and it will grate the nerves and cue the head circus.


I was thinking maybe blood sugar drop? Does he eat anything in the afternoon? He needs energy through out the day. If it always starts at 5, try give him an apple or something at 4:30.

Low blood sugar makes me feel bad too.


We have noticed this tendency to be more irritable and anxious in the evenings since his last hospitalization in June. I don’t know anything about Bi-Polar, do people who rapid cycle have predicable patterns?


He is taking Lexapro and 1/2 Klonapin at noon, and Zyprexa, Respiradol and 1/2 Klonapin before bed.


I’m not that familiar with Bi-Polar, so I don’t know about that. It could be due to new med’s. A number of things could cause it. I used to get depressed in the evenings because I drank a lot of coffee in the morning, and by evening it wore off.