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Sleeping lots more

My son has been taking 25 mg of aripiprazole for 15 months.
He’s had an appointment last week with his consultant and this week his care coordinater came to see him.
Since the appointment , last week he has been more than usually inactive.
He is sleeping till afternoon, gets up if I make him Food then back to bed either on laptop or spreading (as he calls it)
Then he will come down for dinner and then go back to bed.

He says he has things in his mind and I ask what’s in his mind , he says all these mental health staff hound g me (he lacks insight) and th8 is ghey have ulterior motives.

I’m quite worried but he just gets snappy and tells me to leave him as he’s resting.
Any ideas ? Any medication discussion starts him on a rant so I try to avoid,

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Can you ask his doctor if there is any chance that depression could be a factor? My son had some depression issues early on in his treatment and would not admit that he did but his behavior had earmarks of depression (endless naps and sleeping) so his doctor tried Zoloft for awhile and he improved with it. This was before he was stabilized on clozapine. Today he doesn’t need the Zoloft anymore and although he has always required a lot of sleep (10-11 hours) he has a normal predictable sleep pattern now. .

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I think there is definately low mood at times Catherine .
I’m glad your son is stable now.
I will mention to Dr.

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I also think vitamin D plays a role as well. My son takes (1) 50,000 unit capsule of D3 a week to keep his level in the normal range. We tried over the counter D3 and it didn’t elevate it enough. Low D is associated with depression. I take it also.