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Any Canadians here? Son Doesn't want to Go to Doctor


Hi there I am new. I am a Canadian. My son is exibiting signs of delutions which are part of SZ. Problem he has no doctor. Doesn’t want to find a doctor. He is 22. Any support or help to get him to go to a doctor at all? Tips? I have said you need a doctor so you can get your depression under control or it would be good to have a doctor then they can get a councilor to discuss your depression. Other than that I have no idea what to do to get him to a doctor.


Hi Threema, I’m here and I’m Canadian. My son is 37, lives on his own in Toronto (although is about to be evicted) and won’t see a doctor. I was trying to get him to see a doc for anxiety and depression (not mentioning the delusions) but he stopped talking to me after he went to one appointment. (Don’t know if it was related.)

I read “I’m not sick, I don’t need help!” by Dr. Xavier Amador and it was very helpful. This is a good forum. Very supportive and they have lots of suggestions that I think are helpful.

Also, if you’re in SW Ontario there is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course for caregivers later in the month in Toronto. I can provide a link if you’re interested.


Hi Liz. Sorry to hear about your son getting evicted. How long do you believe he has had ,anxiety, depression (delusions) ? I refer to my son’s issues as anxiety and depression , but for sure suffers delusions. He just started showing signs at 19 I believe, he is 22 now. He was living on his own and just lost his job and apt as well. Moved in with me and my husband and his sister now. He won’t go to a doctor. Which baffles me. I tell him every day everyone needs a doctor, just in case you get a cold and need prescription meds.
I wonder if your son doesn’t show signs of anything so the doctor said that he was fine?and there for he is mad at you? Is he a functioning well adult? Holds a job? My son has been bouncing from job to job lately. But when you talk to him, you would never know he has the ‘stalkers’ after him unless he talks about it.
I was told to read that book by that Dr. I will have to get it.Thanks
I live in Niagara region so Toronto is to far. I have emailed SZ Niagara , Hamilton and have talked to a person by email. She has given me good advice. BUT as you know when they are adults there is nothing we can do for them sadly. Even though we have a great health care system it is hard to get help for adults, they have to do and go themselves. All the best to you. I know you worry as we all do about our kids. Hope to chat with you soon.


Hi - we have many people here from Canada. The founder of the site is actually from Canada.

Its important that you get him into treatment as quickly as possible - the longer the delay until treatment (they actually have a term for this “Duration of Untreated Psychosis” - DUP - is a key factor in the recovery. The longer the DUP, the worse the outcome of the person. Psychosis is very stressful and harms the brain.

Here are some videos to watch - and hopefully they will help. I also recommend you buy the speaker’s book - he had a brother with schizophrenia.



and his book

Also - check out early psychosis evaluation and treatment centers: Lists are here:


Thanks for those lincs. I will have to watch them for sure.


I would love to get him to a doctor. BUT in Canada if you are an adult you can’t force someone to go to a doctor. he is 22, considered a doctor. His delusions haven’t taken over him and he is a well functioning 22 yr old. He can hide the delusions well too.BUT I am trying to convince him to have a doctor. Baby steps I guess.


may I ask another question? What do you do when your kid believes he isnt sick and wants to go live on the street? I am telling him if that is what he needs to do he should. IHe is 22 and lives with me and clearly thinks it is my home that is infected with the people out toget him through audio. Also with him wanting him to do this should I give him some money??


Hi Threema. If your adult child says he wants to live on the streets, that to me sounds like he is clearly a “danger to himself” and in need of a psychiatric evaluation and possible hold. Is there a psych emergency number you can call to get advice and clarification about next steps? If he does go onto the streets, I would make sure local police are fully aware of this, and of his illness and refusal to seek treatment/take psychotropic meds. Maybe they can pick him up and take him to a hospital.

I would give things (blankets, food, etc.), but not money. Money can buy a bus fare or worse.


I agree with @Day-by-Day: boots, sleeping bag, frequent meetings for food, along with lists of local resources like food banks and shelters. Also, if he does leave, try to stay in touch with him and invite him to family meals and holidays.


Threema, I’m so sorry. I would try to talk to him and find an alternative to the streets. Our children are so vulnerable and are an easy target. Is there something you could turn into a shelter close by and keep an eye on him and encourage him to talk to someone. The other advice is all good. I wish you the best outcome.


Thanks for the advice Day to Day. True enough money can bye a ticket. He is home today. nother day. The thing is he can come of as perfectly normal.


He has a mind of his own. I work in another city so if he would do it he would while I am at work. He didnt go today. To cold and rainy and winter is coming lol Tx


Yes, my son can come off as well also. I’m learning that there are good days and bad days.


He didn’t go on the streets. It is getting cold and rainy here. I think he will stay home now. He even talked to a councilor the other day. Told her he only has addiction problems. Last night he was mad so mad. Calling me stupid that I can’t think out of the box and fix or give him a solution why the stawkers are after him. He says it is only when he is on his phone and computer playing certain games. Well you know what my solution was. Get off the computer and phone for a few days and see what happens. He was mad at that solution. He does know my mom had SZ because I talked to all my kids about her a long time ago. Before we started seeing signs with my son. So he researched it and says there is no way he has that. He only has depression. So sad. So frustrating for me. So upsetting my hands are so tied


Threema, it’s good he spoke to a counselor. It sounds like he is asking for advice and that is good. Just keep to communication open and get away when they are mad or mean. My son did allow me to take the computer away for a few days but he wanted it back. I gave in.


My son, still doesn’t have a doctor. But he has a councilor and she has been setting him up with meds. My son has actually been taking it. Wow what a difference. he is his happy self again. He might be hiding the voices I don’t know. He does indulge in alcohol here and there but I am not fighting him on this. He has pulled up his socs and he has been working for 7 days now. Likes his job and got his first pay cheque. He has come along way of someone that wanted to live on the streets. Thank goodness. he even has goals in mind. I am hoping he continues on this path. I will be popping in reading now and then with all of you. Thanks.


Is he on the injections? I’m so glad he is doing great


Seroquil. He hasn’t been diagnoised as SZ yet. But he told the hospital phyciatrist he was depressed/and had anxiety and that is what they gave him.


My daughter as several mental disorder schzio-affected disorder and bio polar disorder.I got in contact with the Canadian mental health .They have group meetings in my city which is very small town.The people at the group our a great help as well as the case worker at these meetings.