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Anyone see a parent go through dementia?

I’m sorry, just the question above

Think I’m seeing early signs

yep I’m sorry to say I’ve watched my mom struggle with her memory for 15 years. She’s in end of life stage now. But her brain comes in and out and sometimes I get her back for a little bit.

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15 years!
How does one cope with that!

I’m so sorry

Last week I stayed one night. She put my meds in the strangest place, behind a clouded glass door in the kitchen dresser. Next to some chocolate.
She later accused me of eating her last chocolate repeatedly, and after an hour of looking for my meds she saw them through the glass, at which point I knew what chocolate she had been talking about.

2 weeks ago she looked at a blue ornament and remembered it well, that she had bought it for herself because she thought it was beautiful.
Today she asked me about it because she had no memory of having seen it.

I need practical help with how to talk about it and whether she should drive for 5 hours Sharing the driving with my long time psychotic sister

While she only has one good eye

Yes! Oh my what a challenge for the person and the caregiver. One doctor gave me the advice…”you can’t handle this if you are tired” !

My dad at 90 + had dementure , my mom at 98 is now mentally declining, my mother in law lived with severe Alzheimer’s for 15+ years. My husband has been showing signs of all of the above, I have been screaming for help from all his doctors…tests after tests have showed nothing…however a few of his doctors suggest that is side effects from heart medications and chemo drugs…until last January he was admitted to the hospital for dizziness …after months of referrals and more test…his cardiologist found he has aortic valve stenosis …with 39% ejection fraction not a candidate for value replacement.
Bottom line…sometimes dementia, Alzheimer’s and chemo brain like symptoms have underlining reasons that maybe the cause not the “name itself” …get a proper diagnosis and lots of rest to handle as a caregiver…patience, strength, endurance prayers for all…

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Thank you
My mum is reluctant to see her go
Based on some very normal processing which might rule out dementia
Serious thank you
I forgot how it could be something else