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Anyone seen this?!

I’m not sure what’s going on with my son.He has been doing fairly well this past month.I noticed for several days that he seemed on edge.Yesterday,he told me that the voices are bothering him(still or again-I don’t know).If I push too much,he shuts down so I was going to ask him more this morning.He spent all day+night in bed asleep!He ate breakfast+lunch+back to bed.When I would go in to check on him,sometimes he would talk to me but acted like he was sleeping.It was bizarre!It almost seemed like a drug overdose or something.I called pdoc+tried to explain-she wants to give him extra meds at noon to see if that will help.Before he was on meds,he did have sleep issues-sleeping at odd times or not being able to sleep.I wonder if this is the beginning of a relapse or what the heck is going on.

Has your son done anything differently since the past month? Has he gone anywhere or done something that he doesn’t usually? He’s suddenly on edge, hearing voices, and sleeping all the time.

Meds can be sedating. I used to (and still do sometimes) sleep a lot out of depression or boredom.

I have seen this in myself at times

usually if I am playing with my meds enough to steer me towards a relapse

its an indication in me that things are crazy

I know in my case - I don’t mention all the voices I only mention the ones that are really interfering or causing me to want to do bad things

so if he’s mentioning the voices and his sleep is weird i’d definitely be on alert

I find it helpful cause I feel ashamed and embarrassed to say some of what the voices say
that if someone asks are you hearing voices
if I am
are the voices telling you good or bad things
if bad
do they tell you to cause yourself harm

that is an easier way with me to deal with it - it makes me feel like less of a freak

My son is currently going through what I call a hiccup in his stability. His sleep patterns are messed up. His mood is getting better however it’s still a bit iffy. Trying to get his nurse to understand that something is up, it’s not just behavioral, has not been easy. I don’t like it when my son spends time in bed, not sleeping, as it means that he is being distracted by or is spending too much time in his head. It’s hard when you can’t tell if it’s racing thoughts or voices etc.

Hopefully this isn’t an indication of a relapse and you can find the cause of it. Does he have access to meds that can cause this? Benzo’s etc.

I hate to say it, but sitting in bed 18 hours a day, very still… paying attention to only my head circus was exactly how I spent almost a full year of my life this past negative swing. I was just gazing at the walls in front of me, not really registering the break between night and day.

I was in a deep negative symptom slide. I ended up with a dramatic med change and some intensive therapy to help me pull out of it

@joanne-he hasn’t really done anything new.I have noticed that he has been pushing himself to do things he used to do before he got sick-maybe pushing too hard.

Thanks for your support @77nick77,@crazyfrog,@BarbieBF and @SurprisedJ!He slept all thru the night+woke up this morning starving!I found a Vyvanse pill on floor in kitchen.It’s possible that without the Vyvanse on board,the other meds knocked him out.He swears he took it and I watch him closely.My son sounds just like @SurprisedJ in that he does lay on bed wrapped up in his head when it gets bad.It really freaked me out because he was so out of it.I checked all meds in house+nothing was missing.I do know that when he gets worse,he tries to get out of taking meds.I still am not sure exactly what is happening.He is so tight-lipped about everything!I don’t know if he has constantly heard/seen things or if it just started up again.I’m trying to be patient until I can get him into the univ.early psychosis program(hopefully in a few months when he turns 13).Thank God for all of you as we are pretty much on our own!!!

When i feel so bad i go to my bed and dont talk sounds like he is experincing things i need to sleep for a long time before i feel i can speak, Sorry you going through such a worrying time let him sleep, and maybe he will be able to talk

Is sleeping at odd hours something new with your son? If it is maybe you can correct it. I’m 55, and I’ve had insomnia since I was seven. It can become an intractable habit. If you can correct it, you should.

Is there anyone you think he would be more likely to talk to? I am far far faaaaaar more comfortable talking about my mental health with my Aunt than I am my Mom. It might help that my Aunt was a social worker at a hospital and has worked a lot with mental health. Also my Mom has never been understanding of my depression issues. She keeps saying that I can’t expect to be happy all the time. I really don’t feel like she understands that aspect or is really open to understanding. She is really good with my sz though. Also I have to see her everyday so if I say something wrong (in other words use the wrong words and she takes it poorly and I don’t know how to correct the situation) I am stuck with it.

Does he have a therapist? I highly recommend that if he doesn’t. You can put the therapist in touch with his doctor (some forms will probably have to be filled out but I don’t think it would be too bad) and they can work together. You might still be out of the loop (actually you probably will be) but I think a therapist would see him enough that even if he doesn’t readily open up they can see some things that can help the doctor figure out what needs to happen. Another good thing (I think that BarbieBF was the one who said it first) is that you can tell the therapist and doctor stuff. They can’t tell you stuff but you definitely can tell them. He might have started acting in front of his doctor causing the doctor to incorrectly assess the situation and give him the wrong stuff.

Also if he doesn’t want to go to the doctor and/or therapist you can always bribe him. I still love going to my general practitioner even though it means a lot of boredom and sometimes a painful shot- the gas station right next door sells icees. Frozen coke icees. At most $2 for a huge size.